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Do you lose weight if you drink half a liter of water before eating

Who drinks half a liter of water for each meal, is more likely to fall short of who does not. Water cooler with or without filtration. This is shown by a study by scientists from the Universities of Birmingham and Oxford. An English study followed 84 overweight adults over a 12-week period (1). All test subjects followed a diet: half had to drink half a liter of water for each meal, while the other half had to try each meal to suggest that their stomach was full. The results showed that those who drank water from their Water Cooler Karalee before meals lost an average of 2.4 kilos during the period of the experiment, while the control group lost an average of 1.2 kilos. No big difference, but according to the scientists, it is worth it if you have to sustain a diet for a longer period of time. Can you go to the toilet faster if you drink lukewarm water. Moreover, the method does not require great efforts.

How should we interpret this news?

Truth about drinking water. The news is based on an experiment in which half of the participants were asked to drink half a liter of water for each meal and the other half acted as a control group. This makes it plausible that the cause of weight loss is drinking water before a meal. Those who drank water before every meal lost more weight than those who never drank water or only once a day. The research is well done. Participants did not know in which group they would come; this was determined by chance. As a result, there were no significant differences between the two groups. The researchers also checked whether people in the water group actually drank more water from their Water Cooler Karalee and this proved to be the case. People did, however, drink water less often during the course of the experiment. This study can not conclusively show the effect of drinking water, because it is a small study. The effects in the longer term are also unclear. However, this study confirms the results of a similar experiment (2).


Drinking water, the best way to keep your moisture balance up to date. This study suggests that drinking half a liter of water before eating leads to a limited weight loss.

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You can get really fat from water! Is drinking water good or bad? Great tasting water from your water cooler Karalee.

My foster parents used to drink a glass of one or the other every night. My father always took dry sherry and my foster mother usually white wine. Until the new fad of drinking two liters of water a day also reached them: he stuck to the sherry, but she went to drink eight glasses of water in the evening. And all night to the toilet. of course. How healthy is water actually?

You would prefer to ask a doctor or a scientist, I know that. But they only know what the latest insights are. I also have something to say about it, because I take away energy waste from people and then see, among many others, what their eating habits are. Plus I brought traditional about health from Greece. I always see people who drink a lot of water drowning in a huge lake. When I take them away from themselves or anyone else where they've been, I always find them underwater in such a large lake or huge river. They literally drown themselves and I don't know what you think of that, but I as a health coach don't think that's healthy! It means that they are exaggerating with drinking water from your water cooler Karalee.

You naturally think that the most natural thing to drink is water, right? And then I say: yes, but in the Middle Ages, in ancient times and actually throughout history, people did not drink water! They bathed in it and washed their clothes in it. They also put their need in it, so you really couldn't just drink that. That's why they made light beer and light wine with a low alcohol content. They drank that! Tea and coffee were not yet available, but there was chicory: acorn coffee or coffee made from grains or the like. They also drank herbal teas and milk drinks. That has been settled with the idea that water would be the natural to drink: no! Studying literature also gives you history and civilization, so I know this from my studies.

What people throughout history didn't do was drink liters in a day. They drank something at breakfast, at lunch, at dinner and in between. That is about one and a half liters a day of moisture they ingested. Many people now drink two liters of water from their water cooler Karalee  in one day and also fruit juice, coffee and tea! If you look at that in the light of history and look at it from a distance, you can see that it is not healthy. And also think about all that plastic waste in our seas and rivers, where fish, whales and turtles suffocate? After all, you drink mineral water and not just from the tap? Okay, we consist of about 70% moisture. But does that mean you have to drink so much? Here some counter gas.

Just get a bottle of water: you will see what it contains, except H²O, so pure water consisting of hydrogen and oxygen. I have here a bottle of water from the Basic brand of Albert Heijn and it says: Calcium ++, Magnesium ++, Potassium +, Sodium +, SO4- (sulphate), HCO³- (bicarbonate), Chlorine-, Fluorine-, NO³- (nitrate). I also have a bottle of Quellbrunn from the Aldi and it says the same thing, plus NO²- (nitrogen dioxide). Fluorine is not in it. Calcium, magnesium and potassium seem to be good, but remember that the associated substances are not in the water. Then these minerals do nothing for you. You may know that sodium is stored in your cells and then retains moisture. In other words: it makes you fat. I also often see a storage of sodium in the sinus in humans. They get headaches from it, from stress and worry. Not good either. I don't even have to talk about the other fabrics, I think! You would rather not get it at all.

You don't get thin with a diet of water. That's a fable. Do you know when water makes you thin? When you starve yourself by drinking water instead of eating normally! I have explained so many times now that you get fat from wrong fats and moisture retention. How did that happen? I also explained: because you eat wrong fats, such as butter, palm fat and coconut fat, which everyone knows is unhealthy. And yet the superfood industry insists that it is healthy. No, it is full of saturated fats, which are left in your gut like snails. As a result, the vitamin B12 is not properly absorbed from your intestines and the water (moisture) from your food is not drained. That's how you get fat. Moisture retention is the result and there is yet another cause for fluid retention: if your potassium-sodium balance is not right.

Why is Filtered Water so Important?