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Tip: Why you should start every day with a glass of water

When you have just finished a night's sleep, your body has been unable to take water for eight hours. You also do your body a great favor by first drinking a glass of water when you get up. Preferably you drink two immediately so that your body certainly gets enough moisture. So do not make coffee first, take the newspaper out of the mailbox or check your social media. Drinking water from your Water Cooler Hunter's Hill when you get up does not seem very attractive, but is crucial for good health. What drinking water really does for your skin. The benefits of drinking water right after awakening include:

1. Your metabolism gets a boost

Drinking one or two glasses of water ensures that your body's metabolism gets a boost after waking up. Even if you want to work on a good figure, drinking a water after you wake up is advisable. After all, research has shown that a glass of cold water will significantly speed up your metabolism for an hour and a half. The metabolism of your body also stops after you have slept and drinking a glass of water will remind you of action. In addition, by the acceleration of your metabolism you will burn a lot of extra calories.

2. Prevent dehydration

Good hydration in the summer. Your body is partially dehydrated at the moment that you wake up again after a night. After all, your body has not received any fluid within that time. It will not surprise you that you have to fill this shortage of moisture again as quickly as possible. You may not feel thirsty, but that does not mean that your body does not crave water. Drinking water is therefore the motto.

3. Water will let you eat less

Drinking water every morning not only ensures that your metabolism gets a boost, but also that you can lose body weight faster. You will be less likely to experience a feeling of hunger. By drinking about half a liter of water when awakening, you will feel full. This makes you less likely to start sweating, snacking or eating more than is good for you. So drink plenty of water from your Water Cooler Hunter's Hill.

4. Good brain action by water

Drinking water helps your brain work better. So when a busy work or school day is on the agenda, it is wise to drink an extra glass of water when awakening. Your brain consists of three-fourths of water and by drinking too little, you will reduce its effect. This can be very difficult, especially if you have to do heavy mental work or you need to concentrate properly.

5. Water promotes bowel movements

Most people experience a bloated feeling as very annoying. Your intestines will therefore benefit from drinking water all day long. Your bowel movements will therefore be promoted. The result of a good bowel movement is that you will have more clogging.

6. Water is refreshing

You can not start a day better than with a few glasses of water. The water will immediately give you an energetic feeling. Moreover, the dirty dry mouth will also disappear that you experience every morning. In short: an excellent and above all fresh start.

7. Water keeps you healthy

In Japan, people firmly believe in the healing effects of water. How do I get more energy? The Japanese also believe that drinking a few glasses of water in the morning can prevent illnesses. Although no scientific evidence has been found for this, the drinking of water after awakening in any case can not hurt. Above all, you always have water at hand and it costs very little. You make your body very happy with a few glasses of water from your Water Cooler Hunter's Hill.

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