Tabletop Water Cooler Canberra

Tabletop Water Cooler Canberra with Filtration Bottle. Alkaline Filtered water with Minerals.

Tabletop Water Cooler Canberra

Convert your own tap water into great tasting filtered alkaline drinking water with minerals from the tabletop water cooler Canberra

Alkaline drinking water with Minerals from your tabletop Water Cooler Canberra

Our body needs an average of 1.5 to 2 liters of fluid a day. What many do not know: Those who cover most of their daily fluid requirements in the morning can prevent thirst and headaches. And drinking also helps with weight loss. But can too much water also be dangerous for the body?

More than half of our bodies are made up of water. It cannot function without this vital fluid. Our metabolism constantly needs water for many functions and for the organs, even during sleep.

And, our body loses around 2.5 liters of fluid every day through urine, stool, skin and breathing. This needs to be replenished. To do this, you should drink at least one and a half to two liters of water.

Water is not only a thermoregulator, but also a transport and solvent as well as a liquid component. Clean filtered water from a tabletop water cooler Canberra.

Recommendation of the Nutrition Society

Water is particularly important for:

  • the blood: 90 percent water
  • the brain: 70 percent water,
  • the kidneys: they filter about 180 liters of blood daily
  • the muscles: water also serves as a building material
  • the liver: the detoxification center works with water
  • the skin: for the sweat glands
  • the inter vertebral discs: water ensures their volume

Physical exertion, heat or illnesses such as diarrhea and vomiting increase the need for water even more.

So water ensures that the metabolic processes function optimally. This means that more nutrients can be transported into the cells. The result: more energy and improved performance. Why you must drink water when get up in the morning.

Drink properly. The body needs between one and a half and two liters of fluid a day.

But unfortunately, according to experts, a creeping fluid deficit is very common because many people drink too little: Many people in this country, especially children, regularly drink around 20 percent below the optimal amount.

They only drink with meals, often in the evening, or only when they are already very thirsty. This is wrong. Correctly distributed throughout the day, fluids and water increase performance and can even help you lose weight. Lose weight by drinking water.

Drinking before and during meals will lower your appetite, which can help you lose weight. Healthy filtered water from the tabletop or floor standing water cooler Canberra. In the brain, the areas for hunger and thirst are close together. This can make us feel hungry even though the body needs fluids. Experts recommend drinking a glass of water when you feel hungry and then waiting to see if the feeling of hunger persists.

Many believe that drinking with food dilutes stomach acid - but there is no evidence of this. For example, a glass of water after getting up can help you feel fitter.

During sleep, the body reduces water consumption. But especially after a night that is too short, the reserves can still be used up in the morning. Then the body doesn't release enough of a hormone that reduces water consumption during sleep.

Those who drink enough in the morning can prevent excessive thirst and headaches in the afternoon.

How healthy is water with a taste from the supermarket?

Drink healthy water from the tabletop water cooler Canberra from Prestige Water.

Apple juice is just as much a sugar bomb as cola, so we go to the water en masse. On the water with a taste, that is to say: sweeter and less boring than water, but just as healthy. Or not?

Flavored water

Organic fruit water apple, banana flavored water, Vitamin water lime lychee, apple and elder flower water, mineral water with a touch of black currant: it is almost a challenge to find a bottle of plain water in the supermarket. Why the abundance of flavor water?

Drinking flavored water has been a trend for a while, although I continue to be amazed at the enormous amount. She explains the popularity of the drinks, partly due to the many bad publicity about sugary soft drinks such as cola and Fanta. "Coca-Cola has got a bad image. Apple juice is also no longer considered healthy. Water is still the best thirst quencher, but you just get tired of drinking water. So I understand that producers flock to taste water. Even Coca-Cola is investing in all kinds of other drinks in the US. "

Why is Filtered Water so Important?