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Tips for getting enough fluids: How much water to drink per day from your Refillable Water Cooler Canberra

Do you have a headache? You may have had too little to drink. We'll tell you how much water you drink each day and what you should also pay attention to with regard to your fluid balance.

  • Water is vital for people: those who drink enough water are more productive.
  • The ideal amount of water per day varies depending on age, temperature and physical exertion.
  • Regular drinking and the right drinks are important.

Are you the kind of person who is constantly thirsty and now, in summer, consumes liters of water every day? Or rather to the people around you who have to be reminded several times a day to at least have a glass of water? 5 Helpful tips with losing weight by drinking water.

Either way - we all often ask ourselves: How many liters of water a day should it be? How much is too little And can you actually drink too much?

The ideal amount of water per day - is individual

Water is vital for our body, after all, about two thirds of it consists of exactly this liquid. The body regulates temperature, metabolism and transports nutrients through the water we ingest. You can only perform well if you drink water regularly. Healthy Alkaline Filtered Tap Water from a Refillable Water Cooler Canberra. Why filter tapwater.

As a general indication of how much water you should drink per day, 1.5 liters are often given. This is also the recommendation of the Nutrition Society. However, this does not apply equally to all people: Breastfeeding women and adolescents have a higher need for water, while children and the elderly have to drink less water.

In detail, they recommend taking the following amounts of water from beverages:

  • Children from one to four years: 0.82 l / day
  • Children from four to ten years: 0.94 l / day
  • Seven to ten year old: 0.97 l / day
  • Ten to 13 year old children: 1.17 l / day
  • Young people between 13 and 15: 1.33 l / day

Adolescents and young adults have the greatest need for water, after which the recommended amount of water slowly decreases again:

  • 15 to 19 year old: 1.53 l / day
  • Adults between 19 and 25 years: 1.47 l / day
  • 25 to 51 year old: 1.41 l / day
  • Adults from 51 to 65 years: 1.23 l / day
  • People aged 65 and over: 1.31 l / day

Pregnant women and especially breastfeeding women represent a specialty: while pregnant women only have a slightly higher need for water, namely 1.47 liters per day, breastfeeding women should drink even 1.7 liters of water daily.

A cup of tea or coffee is part of the recommended daily amount of water. But you shouldn't sweeten it too much.

A cup of tea or coffee is part of the recommended daily amount of water. But you shouldn't sweeten it too much.

Important for the values ?: The amounts only refer to the amount of water in beverages. In addition, there is water that you take in with your food. The general guideline values ??also do not take into account that not everyone is the same size or has the same physique.

They tested 50 mineral waters and can recommend many brands. In a few mineral waters, however, we criticize the presence of chromate, uranium or boron.

Should you drink the same amount of water every day?

Also important: The recommended drinking quantities apply for average days with sufficient energy intake and without any special incidents. However, as soon as you exercise and sweat, consume a lot of table salt or a lot of protein, you should also drink more water.

The same applies to sick days when you suffer from fever, diarrhea or vomiting. Then the body needs more water. On hot days in summer and in dry air, you can also do something good for your body with more fluids.

Tips on how to drink enough

  • If pure water is too boring for you, you can also drink unsweetened fruit or herbal teas.
  • Soft drinks and fruit juices should only be consumed in moderation, as they are usually full of sugar and full of flavorings and colorings.
  • Coffee and black tea naturally also provide the body with water and can be added to the daily amount. If you want to do something good for your health, you should avoid too much sugar in hot drinks.
  • Instead of drinking a liter of water in the morning, you should drink regularly throughout the day. This will prevent circulatory problems or headaches.
  • Put a full glass of water next to you. Once you've drunk it empty, fill it up again.
  • Anyone who simply forgets to drink can download an app on their smart phone.

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