Refillable Water Cooler Adelaide

Benchtop and Floor Standing Refillable Water Coolers with Filtration Bottle. Alkaline Filtered Tap Water.

Benchtop Refillable Water Cooler Adelaide
Floor Standing Refillable Water Cooler Adelaide
Exclusive Refillable Water Cooler Adelaide

Healthy water from the Benchtop or Floor Standing Refillable Water Coolers Adelaide

We have put together some best tips for you to increase your water consumption and keep your body well hydrated.

Don't just drink when you are thirsty!

Even if it sounds a little illogical at first, but: Don't only drink something when you are really thirsty, because then it is already a little too late. Thirst is a kind of warning signal from the body that is supposed to draw your attention to a deficit ("Halloooo, more water please!").

It is best to start the day with a glass of water in the morning, it gets your metabolism going right away. A splash of lemon juice in the water not only gives it more flavor, it also enhances the effect.

Our product tip: The smart, fragrance-based drinking system from air up (from € 39.95) gives water a taste - without calories, without additives. The trick? The fragrance pods that are attached to the special drinking bottle and give off a delicious scent with every sip that trickes your brain. You think you are drinking a flavored drink when you only drink water from a refillable water cooler Adelaide.

Water always and everywhere at hand

Out of sight, out of mind: This also applies to drinking water. Therefore, there should always be a glass or carafe of water in your immediate vicinity. For many, this is exactly the reason why too little fluid is absorbed.

You should drink enough water when exercising

Whether doing sports or on the go: You should always have a water bottle with you

So make sure you have enough supplies wherever you go every day: a bottle of water by the bed and in the car, a carafe on the desk or in the break room - this will automatically remind you to have a drink. An additional drinking bottle also ensures that you always have water to-go with you. Fill your drink bottle from the Prestige Water refillable water cooler Adelaide with a filtration bottle.

Use beautiful and stylish drinking utensils!

Anyone who wants to motivate themselves to exercise likes to buy chic, new sportswear as an incentive. The logic also works when drinking: To make point 2 even easier for you, you should treat yourself to a nice glass carafe, a large water glass (maybe with a print) and / or a new, stylish drinking bottle. Because, believe it or not: you will automatically access it more often. The eye drinks too! Straws can also increase the desire to drink.

Our product recommendations from the food editorial team:

a) All-rounder in everyday life: The beautiful, classic glass carafe from 21daily (from € 29.90) is not only sustainably produced, but also made from heat-resistant glass and therefore suitable for both cold and hot drinks. Of course, our homemade, sugar-free lemonades also taste good - have a look here.

b) Flavor booster: Bottles or carafes with sieve inserts not only look cool, you can also use them to easily prepare "fruit infused water". Does it make sense to drink water after eating fruit. Thanks to the removable insert and the filter on the spout, no fruit residue ends up in the glass or mouth. 12 Ultimate water with fruit combinations.

c) Constant companion: A drinking bottle is an absolute must-have in everyday life. Make sure it's leak-proof and BPA free. What does BPA-free mean? The products then contain no harmful bisphenol A, a plasticizer in plastics. The drinking bottles which are available in many beautiful designs, naturally meet these criteria.

d) Stylish eye-catcher: When you see this beautiful, copper-colored stainless steel water jug, you really only want one thing: Grab it! And over and over and over again.

Why is Filtered Water so Important?