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Drinking water is important after a lot of coffee or tea

Water, a super drink. The following applies to the choice of drinks when drinking slim: Anything that contains large amounts of sugar or other nutrients (such as milk, pure juice, soda or alcohol) does not quench thirst and provides unwanted calories! Better to drink a lot of water - whether carbonated or not! Apple spritzers or other spritzers with a maximum of a third of juice as well as unsweetened herbal teas are also OK.

By the way, black tea, green tea and coffee stimulate urine excretion, although the body gets used to this consumption over time. The rule of thumb for this is: You can add up to four cups a day to your fluid intake! Then it is best to always drink a glass of water per cup afterwards - then you are on the safe side! Great tasting water from the mineral water cooler Melbourne.

Warning, dangerous: drink too much water

It sounds unlikely, but drinking too much water can be fatal. Since 1981 at least 14 people have died as a result of too much water. The reason for this is that water reduces the salt concentration in our body. If you drink too much, the sodium content is no longer sufficient: water gets into our cells, the cells get bigger and bigger and thereby hinder the blood circulation in the body. And that can be fatal. More often, however, it comes to the preliminary stages, which are noticeable as headaches, vomiting, cramps, dizziness or confusion. And even isonotic drinks fortified with sodium do not help to make up for such a large deficiency. So it is important that we listen to our body and not shower it with amounts of water!

Drink water - the 5 best tips

Did you know: half a liter of water on an empty stomach boosts energy expenditure by 30 percent! So if you drink half a liter of water before breakfast, lunch and dinner as well as before going to bed, you will burn an additional 100 kilo calories per day - and have already had your target of two liters. And what else helps? We'll tell you:

  • Always drink water in between, if possible every half hour! Even if you are not thirsty. Once it is there, it is actually too late - there is already a lack of fluids! Fatigue solved by drinking water.
  • Drink yourself lean and smart: "Water consumption" is an individual matter. But how do you determine it? For example, simply measure your body weight before and after exercise. The weight loss that occurs during exercise corresponds to the required amount of fluid replenishment.
  • Drink first, then train! If you drink one or two glasses of water or diluted apple spritzer before training, you will prevent fluid loss. Especially when the training session is long and intense.
  • Refill reserves in good time: Drink one or two glasses of water immediately after the workout. The following applies: do not be too hasty, otherwise there will be a stomach ache! Good alternatives are apple spritzer or isotonic drinks.
  • Ice cold is not cool: the ideal drinking temperature is around 15 degrees Celsius. This is the fastest way for the body to absorb it, and the slim drink works! Benchtop and floor standing mineral water coolers Melbourne.

Why is Filtered Water so Important?