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Benchtop Mineral Water Cooler Canberra
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Healthy Great Tasting Mineral Water from the Prestige Water Cooler Canberra

Did you know already?

  • The most expensive mineral water in the world costs $ 124 per liter. It's called "Rokko No Mizu" and comes from Japan.
  • These are top foods with a high water content: cucumber (97%), watermelon (96%), lettuce (95%), tomato (95%), asparagus (93%)
  • After the body has lost 2 percent of its water balance, thirst arises. In addition, hunger or appetite are signs that the body is lacking water.
  • 65% of Mineral drink mineral water every day - more than in any other country on earth. It was just under 148 liters per capita in 2017

Water in a glass bottles lasts longer - and is also healthier!

Mineral Water: Water, a super drink. When you buy mineral water, it is not just for health reasons that you are faced with the question of whether to buy your water in the more convenient and lighter PET bottles or in the heavier but "neutral" glass bottles (see point two). The Bavarian Consumer Center discovered a new argument in favor of glass bottles in autumn 2017:

  • Carbonated mineral water has a longer shelf life in glass bottles because it can lose part of its carbonic acid earlier in plastic bottles - this is not possible in originally sealed glass bottles. And: carbonated water generally has a longer shelf life than still water, because carbonic acid is good against the growth of germs.
  • Various studies now seem z u prove that water from PET bottles is also significantly more frequently and more heavily burdened with hormones than water from glass bottles. And there is serious evidence that at least some of this extra hormonal load from the plastic bottle itself gets into the water. So make sure that your water has not been stored in a plastic bottle for a long time, that you use water from plastic bottles quickly and that your plastic bottle is not exposed to too much heat or strong sunlight - heat increases the likelihood that unknown substances from the plastic bottle will imperceptibly enter Water over. Incidentally, it does not matter whether you use a thin-walled or thick-walled PET bottle. How great the risk really is from released hormones, however, a fierce expert dispute has arisen about this, which has not yet been finally discussed. Benchtop and Floor Standing Mineral Water Coolers Canberra for better health. Drinking water helps with losing some weight.

Why is Filtered Water so Important?