Water Coolers for cold and hot water

Written on the 20 July 2016 by Peter

Water Coolers for cold and hot water

The Prestige Water cooler gives you easy access to fresh filtered chilled water and hot water for tea, coffee, soup and all other hot water drinks. All our models are equipped with a 7-stage filter system which will get rid of the in tap water found impurities. The Prestige Water 7-stage filtration bottle. For example, the filter will also add some very important minerals back to the water and it will make the water alkaline as well. This is not only fresh but also so healthy.

Benchtop Water Cooler for Cold and Hot Water   Benchtop Water Cooler for Cold and Hot Water: Benchtop Water Cooler for Cold and Hot Water

Floor Standing Water Cooler for Cold and Hot Water   Floor Standing Water Cooler for Cold and Hot Water: Floor Standing Water Cooler for Cold and Hot Water

Exclusive Water Cooler for Cold and Hot Water   Exclusive Water Cooler for Cold and Hot Water: Exclusive Water Cooler for Cold and Hot Water

Used anywhere

The water coolers from Prestige Water fit into any organization. Not only because of the many versions of floor standing models but also we have a very nice bench top model. All models are ideally suited for most applications and to find out what model is the most suitable in your situation, please give us a call on 1800 500 334 or send us an email. We have a very nice stainless steel model with a 20 liter bar fridge underneath. It provide cold water, room temperature water and also hot water. A Prestige Water cooler is a real all-rounder in your organization or at your home.

Safety and service

Fresh filtered water without worry? Then a Prestige Water cooler is the perfect solution. The Prestige Water products are supplied with comprehensive service. Our well trained service team conducts regular checks and we will inform you when your filter cartridge is due for replacing, so you can be assured of hygienic and safe drinking water.

Ecological responsibility

Responsibility is not a fad by Prestige Water. We have no water coolers with plastic spring water bottles but a refillable filtration bottle that everyone enjoys and should have an energy star certificate. So we keep our and your carbon footprint as little as possible.

Always water available

Unlike the water coolers with loose spring water bottles, you have now only one bottle with a filtration system and you always have access to refreshing, clean and healthy drinking water. Each time you dispense water you will have pure filtered water with minerals, made from your own tap water.

Advanced technology of the filtration system

Prestige Water is constantly looking out for the best technique for purifying tap water. Fluoride in tap water. With a carbon filter only, for example, not only chlorine is removed from the water, also other impurities are filtered out. And while useful minerals remain properly retained in the water, the Prestige Water filter will make the water a little alkaline as well. Tap water vs filtered water. Minerals in filtered water.

Modern design

Not only the inside of your water cooler is important. The eye wants something too. After all, a water cooler in your business gives off the face of your company. Especially when your customers or guests come here. Therefore, the designers of Prestige Water pay attention to the appearance of the water cooler systems. From floor standing to bench top models, piece by piece fresh faces.


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