Filtered Tap Water, the best quality water

Written on the 26 April 2016 by Peter

Filtered Tap Water, the best quality water

Great tasting Filtered Tap Water

Benchtop Filtered Tap Water   Benchtop Filtered Tap Water: Benchtop Filtered Tap Water

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We only supply water coolers that filter tap water. We choose very conscious decision not to offer water cooler with bottles with spring water because they are often unnecessarily expensive and constitute a heavy burden on the environment. Moreover, the quality of filtered tap water is better. We give underneath the benefits of a water cooler with filtered tap water:

400 x cheaper than bottled water

For a sip of spring water, we pay like 300 to 1000 times the price of tap water. That price, however, we do not pay for the water itself. More than ninety percent of the cost of a bottle of spring water goes to transportation, marketing, packaging and profits. A water cooler that uses filtered tap water and is therefore many times cheaper to use than buying bottled water or spring water. Filtered Water vs Bottled Water.

Tap water meets stringent requirements, does spring water too?

Water from the faucet must comply with quality standards. Additional measures are included for the temperature and the hardness of the drinking water.
There is remarkably little regulations on bottled water. In the eyes of consumers is super clean spring water and has even positive effects on health. This is more of a view that is fueled by advertising than a scientifically proven fact. Although almost all scientists agree that bottled water is safe, it does contain numerous chemicals. Some brands would, according to several studies contaminants as drug residues, heavy metals, residues of fertilizer, fluoride and estrogen contain not properly filtered from groundwater.
Filtered tap water is the cleanest. Water filters remove lime, chlorine and other impurities from tap water, often the cause of a distinct flavor to tap water. A water cooler with filtered tap water brings you the pure taste of water without the disadvantages of packaged water.

Water cooler with filtered tap water is a more environmentally conscious choice

The illusion of "better water" has a high price for the environment. Each year 1.5 million tons of plastic is produced for the bottled water industry. The truth about Water Bottles & our Environment. The production of water bottles damages the environment very seriously. There are heavy investment required to pump well water, there - mostly minor - minerals and flavors to add to the pack and transport, sometimes to the other side of the globe. Plastic water bottles will take over a thousand years to disintegrate.

The water industry is threatening our ecosystems worldwide. Big water multinationals earn billions in water and thus threaten entire ecosystems. They draw well water on bringing nearby streams, wells and farms at risk.

Always have water handy

With a water cooler with refillable water bottle you are never without water. You do not need to manage water resources with the risk of running out of bottled water. You always drained a glass of cold water. Glass after glass is filtered fresh.

Also, you do not store water bottles, transport and exchange. No lifting of water bottles.

Spring water, a marketing phenomenon?

Perrier was the first one to offer bottled water in 1976. Only in the 1990s water bottles broke massively on the market and became a symbol of fitness and "health consciousness".

Advertising drive water consumption to unprecedented levels. Advertising campaigns elevate packaged water to "a healthy way of life. Water is healthy, smart, pure, sexy, clean and simple. Water keeps you young, a treat every day.
The same water from your tap!

Spring water is almost always associated with a source that rises in the mountains. An estimated 25% of all bottled water comes just from the local water extraction. In those cases, the water in the bottle where you pay the same source as the tap water in your area. The water is then be filtered or treated in any other way, but is in no different from your tap water. So why pay top dollar for it?

Water is water?

Water is water would you say? However, there is a difference.

Spring water and mineral water

Spring water is water from an approved underground source with one or more natural or bore exits. The difference is that bottled water is not bottled directly at the source at the mineral water well. Mineral water, moreover, has a high content of minerals, trace elements, or other components. Spring water and mineral water falls under the heading of packaged water. Tips to drink more water.

Spring water is a protected name but simply means that the water has been anywhere from the ground. That does not spontaneously come up, but may also be pumped from the ground. Various brands with the most beautiful mountain landscapes on their labels have already been discredited because their water just seemed to come from a local water extraction.

tap water

Tap water comes from our soil, lakes and rivers. In Australia, the water is treated chemically and bacteriological to make it drinkable for human consumption. Tap water must meet strict requirements. Fluoride in Tap Water.


Why is Filtered Water so Important?