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Drinking plenty from your water cooler Melbourne

Do you drink enough a day? Not me. So often not. I notice that in the afternoon, my head is muddy, my tongue is heavy and I can't really make a sentence. My body is dehydrated. We should drink one and a half to two liters a day. You can do that if you keep reminding yourself of it. But what about our children? When in doubt, we do not notice that their tongue is getting heavy, that they feel limp or that they wonder who put the cotton wool in their head. Because drinking often goes under in the game.

Why drinking is so important to us, children drink, water instead of juice, encourage children to drink, tips and tricks on drinking water.

I recently went to a Prestige Water display and would like to give you a few facts about drinking and water. Because I didn't know a lot about it either. Hot and Cold Alkaline Water Coolers Melbourne. Stop drinking soda - Stop sugar.

5 facts about drinking water from an alkaline water cooler Melbourne

  • Children should drink around five to six glasses of water a day. Can you do it? So my big one never makes it.
  • Did you know that one of the most important stations of water, what we drink, is the small intestine? From there, the water carries all the nutrients to where they are needed.
  • Our skin also needs water to regulate the temperature of our body. In other words: if we have not drunk enough, we cannot adapt our body temperature so well. Did you notice if you are warm or cold when you are not drinking enough? Incidentally, children lose significantly more water through their skin than adults. Sure, with the urge to move. Good hydration in the summer.
  • Speaking of cotton wool in the head: without water, our brain is not efficient. Why? 80 percent of the brain is made up of water. Crazy, right? The water transported through the bloodstream must therefore supply all cells with fluids. Incidentally, the thirst center is also located there, which tells us when we are thirsty. But when that comes into play and sounds the alarm, it is already the highest railway.
  • Water not only transports nutrients to the respective places where they are needed. It then also takes waste with it. The garbage disposal in the body, so to speak. In the kidneys, actually the final destination of water, all unused water is absorbed and excreted along with the body's waste materials via the bladder and urine. And then? Then you have to be quick when the children call out in a hurry:
  • I HAVE TO.

Why drinking is so important to us, children drink, water instead of juice, encourage children to drink, tips and tricks on drinking water. Benchtop and Floor Standing Water Coolers Melbourne.

How does the water get into the child?

Drinking water with fruit and spice. Well, at least for us, that's the very highest railway. Unfortunately, this is not the case as often as my big one doesn't drink as much as she should. Five or six glasses a day? No way. But I don't want to encourage her to drink with sugary drinks either, because she likes water. All too often she forgets. Why don't I give her juices? Because she is much more happy about chocolate than about juice to drink and I don't want to pour sugar over her. Water is the perfect thirst quencher, whether for adults or children, because it is available everywhere and tastes almost always the same.

I've noticed that my child prefers and drinks better from other children's bottles. When we sit in the garden with the neighbors, my daughter tries the other's water bottles. Not because I don't give her anything, but because they are new and different. That's why I change your drinking bottles and cups more often. When we are out and about, we often have water bottles with motifs.

Why drinking alkaline water from a water cooler Melbourne is so important to us, children drink, water instead of juice, encourage children to drink, tips and tricks on drinking water.

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