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Water is vital for our body because more than half of it consists of the wet element. Water, a super drink. It is part of all body cells and body fluids, is an important component in metabolic processes and biochemical reactions and helps regulate body temperature. In addition, we have to supply our bodies with water so that the kidneys can excrete metabolic waste products in the urine. Water is also excreted through digestion, breath and sweat. Try to drink plenty of alkaline water from your water cooler Brisbane.

Every day, depending on your physical constitution, there is a loss of fluid of two and a half to three liters. We have to compensate for this loss of fluid through food and drink so that all body functions can be properly maintained. Our body is not able to store water. So if we drink too little, there will be a lack of water in the long term. However, the body responds to this with warning signs before it is seriously harmed. Together with

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Our body is not only made up of 50 percent water, it also constantly produces water. And in astonishing quantities: the salivary glands alone are present with 1.5 liters of saliva, the stomach with 2.5 liters of gastric juice, the liver with half a liter of bile. Like blood, water carries oxygen and nutrients to the organs and waste products away from the organs. The body is constantly creating, releasing and regaining water. This "reprocessing" is called resorption. This is mainly done by the kidneys, stomach and intestines in the body. Alkaline water cooler Brisbane for greater health. Fatigue solved by drinking water.

Drinking water is actually a matter of course, but many people still find it difficult to at least make sure they have enough water. Many only drink when they are thirsty. But the feeling of thirst is an indication from the body that you should drink urgently and that dehydration can occur. You shouldn't always wait for the alarm signal, but drink at least 2 liters throughout the day, 3 or 4 liters are better.

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