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Australian Based Company

Prestige Water is an Australian based company and we have over 20 years experience in the water industry. Our prestige range of filtered water coolers:



Quality Filtered Water Coolers and Water Dispensers


Why buy Prestige?

Say NO to bottled water and make your own drinking water free from the tap!

Prestige Water is recognized as the No. 1 supplier of water coolers and offer you one of the best filtration systems available in the market. We offer:

  • Unobtrusive modern design of water coolers
  • Best Quality
  • Advanced Filter Technology
  • Healthy water with added minerals
  • Huge 12 liter capacity
  • Easily filled with tap water
  • Reliable service
filtered water dispensers
Filtered Water Coolers for Home and Office


7 Stage Filtration

  • Why buy bottled water if you can easily make your own healthy drinking water with added minerals
  • Fill the filter bottle from the tap with tap water
  • No heavy lifting of water bottles
  • No storage problems for full or empty bottles
  • Never again pay rent on your water cooler
  • Unlimited cold water for refreshments
  • Unlimited hot water for tea & coffee OR unlimited room temperature water
 Water Coolers and Water Dispensers, Filtered Water



Free Unlimited Filtered Water Coolers

  • Primary Filter : Removal of Rust, sediment and particles of 5 micron and larger
  • Active Carbon : Removes chlorine, Thihalomethanes, organic sediment, removes bad smell and taste
  • Mineral Balls : Energizes the water molecules, adjust the water to an optimum mild alkaline level. Restores trace elements
  • Coral Sand : increases calcium level
  • Silver-Loaded Active Carbon : extra layer of activated carbon (Silver-Loaded)
  • Mineral Balls : extra layer of mineralized balls
  • Inner Ceramic Filter : Antibacterial filter
Unlimited Filtered Water Coolers


About Prestige Water, your Filtered Water Cooler Specialist

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About Prestige Water

What Our Customers Say

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What Our Customers Say


The Truth about Water Bottles & Our Environment

Millions of plastic water bottles are thrown away every HOUR in Australia alone !

Water Bottles and our Environment

Filtered water bottles and our environment

Is water in a bottle convenience? Most of us will carry a bottle of water with us if we go somewhere. It's OK to do so, but please reuse the same bottle more often than only once. In Australia only, we throw out millions of water bottles every day. With a population growing towards 23 million people, the extra waste we produce on a daily bases in throwing our water bottles out is huge. The picture above will give you an idea. It's not a pretty look, but it's the reality! All these water bottles also create unnecessary waste within our landfill and environment. Australia is a very nice and clean place to live and raise your children. We all should look after the Australian environment and try to minimize the waste of plastic water bottles.

What can we do:

Reuse the same water bottle several times
If you throw out the water bottle, put it in the recycle bin
Use water filters at home or in the office
If you are a Prestige Water customer you can easily fill your water bottle from your filtered water cooler. Unlimited great tasting drinking water free from your tap. So NO need for you to buy bottled water anymore. If you do not have a water filtration at home or in the office, you can think to own one of our water coolers with a 7-stage filtration. Please click here to find out about our products and prices: Water Coolers and water filters

Questions, please send us an email: Email Prestige Water or give us a call: 1800 500 334


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