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How much water per day is the best?

You often encounter the text "2 liters of water per day" or "6 to 8 glasses per day" from your Water Coolers Bathurst, but the amount of water that is best depends, of course, on every person whose health, weight, and living conditions are different. For example, athletes and breastfeeding women need much more moisture and if you live in a warm climate or when it's summer, you can also clearly use more water. As a degree gauge, you can do the best that under average conditions you need about 2 liters of moisture a day. Here you can also enjoy coffee and tea without sugar, milk drinks (or milk replacers) and sparkling water in addition to water.

My love for water + saving tip for the environment and your wallet

I used to be absolutely no water drinker, and I have to learn myself over the years. At the moment, I know a lot of water a few times a day and I can even miss it if it's been too long. Water does not really have a taste that makes me so tasty, but it drains away easily, takes away the worst starvation and feels refreshing and 'pure'. Tasty drink water made from your own tap from your Water Coolers Bathurst. I have enough reasons to keep this in my routine.

I would like to add a personal tip for water drinkers who are also a fan of sparkling water that is equally saving for both the environment and your wallet. A little while ago, I received a Soda Stream device that allows you to make your favorite sparkling water with one tap of the button, from a fresh tingling bubble to an intense breeze. You fill the bottle with tap water, put it in the appliance, press the button until you have the desired drinking water and are ready. With one CO2 cylinder you can make about 60 liters of buzzing water for around 0.41 per liter. In addition, you save 60 loose plastic bottles with one cylinder, and the environment is very happy! No, I'm not paid for this, but after a while using the device, I've become quite excited and would like to add it to the article as a tip with you.

If I do not drink enough water for a long period of time from my Water Coolers Bathurst, I notice that because my skin starts to feel drier and looks less "fresh", but also because I start to get more headache. Of course, that also motivates enough to keep drinking!

How do you make it easier to drink enough water?

- For example, always have a durable refillable bottle for you to take a day off and spend the day on a daily basis.
- Put a glass in your kitchen and drink a glass of water every time you wash your hands after your toilet.
- Add some fresh fruit, basil, ginger or mint to your water for a nice taste.

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