Water Cooler with Minerals Melbourne

Benchtop and Floor Standing Alkaline Filtered Water Cooler with Minerals Melbourne

Benchtop Water Cooler with Minerals Melbourne
Floor Standing Water Cooler with Minerals Melbourne
Exclusive Water Cooler with Minerals Melbourne

Why is drinking Alkaline Filtered water from a water cooler with minerals important

Water for a well-functioning digestion

The best laxative for the body is water. Drinking enough water will make the stool damp and easier to flush out of the body. Those who suffer from frequent constipation can try to drink more first. Often that is the cause.

Drink water for more concentration

The brain also needs enough fluids so that it can work properly and you are fully efficient. If you drink 2 to 4 liters a day, you can improve your concentration and encourage your attention. You also support your memory in its work. There are so many minerals in the water from a hot and cold water cooler Melbourne. Having a clean and sterile water cooler.

No sport without fluids

If you move around a lot and do sports, your water needs increase. Our body consists of around 60 percent fluid, your muscles even 70 percent. If you suffer from a lack of water, you will first notice it in your fitness. Even with a two percent deficiency there is a noticeable loss of performance. First you notice it in your concentration, later there are often headaches and then finally, performance losses.

If the deficiency increases to 4 percent, the symptoms get noticeably worse and you lose even more of your usual strength performance. This means that muscle building can no longer take place, apart from the fact that with a headache you probably no longer feel like doing intensive training anyway. So you realize that water is incredibly important for sport, because only with it you can achieve your full performance.

In addition to an adequate supply of water, you should also meet your increased protein requirements, which arise when you train regularly and intensively. We would like to recommend our Premium Whey Protein to you. You drink this as a shake, preferably immediately after your workout, and supply your muscles with high-quality proteins.


Drinking water is actually a matter of course, but many people still find it difficult to at least make sure they have enough water. Healthy drink water with minerals from a Prestige Water Cooler. Many only drink when they are thirsty. But the feeling of thirst is an indication from the body that you should drink urgently and that dehydration can occur. You shouldn't always wait for the alarm signal, but drink at least 2 liters throughout the day, 3 or 4 liters are better. Fluoride in tap water.

Why is Filtered Water so Important?