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TIP: Actually I should drink more water, Practical tips

Having a full glass of water all the time. Okay, I want to drink more water. How much water should I drink? And how can I keep track of that? Do juices and tea also count? If an advice is not specific enough, it can be difficult to apply it. Practical tips: in principle between 2-3 liters of water per day is sufficient, this is a large margin that is totally dependent on how big you are and how much fluid you lose per day. On a day when you lose a lot of fluid (sports, warm weather, air conditioning / heating), your intake intake may be higher than on a day when you do not. Tea and juices do not count, they often drift moisture. Make sure you know how much is in your glass or bottle, then you know how much you drink. In addition, there are several apps where you can keep track of how much water you drink in a day. Finally, it also helps if you have a water bottle in your bag that you can refill.

But I'm not thirsty at all!

Tips to drink more water. My intake was over one liter per day. If you do sport, this is really too little. I often drank only a few sips of water against the dry throat, but I was not really thirsty. My body would indicate it if I needed water? Create a habit: Your body gives it indeed when you need to drink more, but if you are used to drinking little you will eventually become insensitive to your thirst stimulus. In fact, your body can even indicate that you are hungry if you ignore your thirst stimulus! The best way to break this pattern is to drink more, even if you are not thirsty. I did the following:

- 2 x glass of 250 ml for breakfast, lunch and dinner, the advantage of this is that you eat less, because you have already drunk something.

- 2 x 500 ml bottle between breakfast / lunch and lunch / dinner.

- after dinner: water as needed.

I still adhere to this global scheme because I notice that I fall back insidiously in my habit of drinking too little - even now! Fortunately, I now feel very clear when I am thirsty.

Water is dull in taste.

Water: I can not make it more fun, it's easier. Tap water vs filtered water. As soon as you get used to the 'taste' of water, you will appreciate it more. Water is one of the few drinks that really takes away the thirst, but try to sell it to someone who does not feel thirsty! Hip water: if the switch is a bit too big you can try to water your water: fill a can with some slices of fruit and water, the water will get a slight fruit taste, but barely contain calories. On the Internet you can find many variations of "fruit infused water". For the simple souls among us: a slice of lemon can also make a lot of difference.

I do not notice anything at all.

Glossy magazines promised me: drinking more water would do wonders for my hair, skin and I would lose weight. Such an expectation is of course doomed to lead to disappointment, because there are several factors that influence the presentation of your body, such as diet, exercise, sleep, genetics, stress etc. After a few days, my good intentions devoured, because continuously a boring bottle of water does not weigh up against vague benefits that you do not notice. The right mindset: drinking more water is not a panacea. Think of it as a part of your lifestyle. You are looking for an optimal environment for your body and sufficient hydration is a requirement for this. There is a lot to read about the benefits of drinking enough water, but the point that I want to make now is that if you decide to drink more water you just have to do it. Better health with Prestige Water.

Note: do not overdo water drink, stay between 2-3 liters per day. If you drink too much water (more than 12L / day or a large amount in a short time), the salt content in your blood may become low; this is called a hyponatremia. This condition has serious consequences for your health and can lead to brain damage! If you sweat a lot for a long time (more than 2 hours), then it is good to supplement your salts with a sports drink intended for this or by eating something salty.

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