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The best and easiest ways to drink more water

We all know that we need to drink enough water, but we'll forget. How do I get more energy? And since water makes sure your body continues to rotate, that's obviously not smart at all. But if it's really not easy for you to just grab a glass, we'll have some nonsense tips here that are easy to follow - and maybe even fun.

1. Begin with the simplest but absolutely effective tip: score a big glass.

There are now many models of glasses that also have to be perfect for you. After a small glass of water you soon have the idea that you were well, while you may have only drank 150ml of water. By using a large glass you need to replenish pieces less often for more and always have water for your nose, if the fridge is too far away. This also applies to bottles! Go for a liter bottle after half a liter when you're home. Half liter bottles can of course be very handy for on the road.

2. Download a (free) app.

You may know that there are apps to track your liters for that day, but have you downloaded them too? Great chance of not, while they will really motivate you! Adding a new glass is a fun activity and you are much more busy reaching your goal for that day. This way you can even set notifications if you have not added any new glass for too long. For example, try the Waterlogged free app. Calculate how much water you should drink per day.

3. Make sure your water is also lighter.

Stop drinking soda - Stop sugar. The neutral taste of water is not necessarily a trigger for many people, so think that your water is also interesting for you. Experience shows that water with a taste - of course, without unnecessary additions like dye and sugar - makes us drink more. Our favorite is with dot spa touch of! These are those minimalist water bottles with all the different color caps that you see everywhere nowadays. There is no sugar or sweetener in it, but a very refreshing (fruit) flavor, which leaves the bottle empty for a while. Our favorite flavors? That's Absolutely Grapefruit and Peach! Lovely summers. And, of course, vary enough!

4. See water as an appetizer.

Our bodies soon look thirsty as a hunger feeling, while they are just basking on water. So make sure you drink a glass of water first if you feel hungry - and see it as a natural sign of your body to drink water. Also, a glass of water activates your taste buds, always fine before your meal! In addition, this is also better for your stomach than drinking water while eating. Do you want to drink something with a nice taste, but without the calories? For example, choose Spa Touch Of, as mentioned above.

5. Make your water attractive.

Yes, from a ugly bottle you simply drink less than a beautiful, how stupid it sounds. Make sure you can take your water - with or without taste - in a beautiful way during your day, and you're likely to take your water bottle more often to take a sip!

6. By default, drink a glass of water after you get out of the toilet.

Great chance that your toilet and kitchen are close together, but your workplace a little further away. So combine your trip to the toilet with a glass of water immediately after wards - saving you time too! Just learn and it will be a standard activity.

Conclusion? Make it especially fun for yourself, for example, by installing an app to help you. This way you can challenge yourself every day and you can be proud if you have achieved your goals. And make it delicious! Go for a nice taste and some breeze. This way you easily get the one and a half to two liters! Alkaline water, is the nature of water.

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