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Help, I drink not enough from my water cooler Noarlunga

How do you know if you are drinking enough water. Do you take a half full glass (extra positive) for a moment? Cheers! We drink on average really too little and the importance of getting enough fluid is underestimated. Whether it is winter or summer; I soon drink too little and I'm really trying to work on that. Drinking too little quickly causes headaches, nausea, extra fatigue and other ailments, you can also see a worse skin or even a bladder infection: this can only be better avoided! With these 11 tips we will work on it, do you participate?

Put your drinks in a visible place - See, drink, drink! At least, this works with me like a spear! If my colleagues are having coffee, I want to enjoy tea. But this also works with putting your drinks in visible places where you regularly come, if necessary by means of a note. My desk now has my dopper as standard, reminding me to keep on drinking. Nice and girly, but also very handy!

Intermediate position per half-day - Not every moment you have the same need for drinking, this can vary per day. But an interim score per part of the day ensures that you do not have to 'drink' liters of water at the end of the day to reach your goal, right? I think for example that I have to drink one cap in the morning, afternoon and evening, a dopper contains 0.5 liters. This does not always work, but this sounds better than in the evening 3 doppers! How many liter of water should you drink.

Listen to your body and act accordingly - A tip that I easily share with others, but apply it myself ... Sigh I work on it;) Listening to your body is once very important, your body does not send signals for nothing and shows where the limits and possibilities lie. It also indicates if you have eaten too little or if you are thirsty, listen to it and do not wait until it is too late, but do it the moment you experience thirst. Do not postpone it, just do it!

XL drink - Very nice those cute cups and glasses, but practical? No, a Blond Amsterdam mug in XL is only practical! There you can have a lot of tea in it without having to make every mile of effort to get to the kettle. And how about drinking a bottle instead of a glass? Or choose a carafe so that it is beautiful! XL drink it is!

Take care of routine - When I wake up, I go (read: I stumble about half pausing and stumbling over my pajamas) to the kitchen to feed Poes and I pour a glass for myself first. After sleeping you have lost a lot of moisture and then it feels good to refuel and get it inside. I also prepare tea for breakfast and then I dress. This way I do not necessarily feel as thirsty as I wake up, but it has become more of a habit to do so. And there is nothing wrong with that, you get it inside and that counts! When I switch off the lights in the evening, I have to drink a glass of water myself, as an extra because it can never hurt. Routine makes it just a bit easier and it works! Healthy drinks instead of water.

Make drinking a party - This actually sounds like a very bad tip, just as if you have to drink all the way (yes but on the blog of Dagmar I read that the moehoeeest ... Eeh no haha!) That's exactly what I mean . By the way, I mean - you're trying to talk out here ... - that you have to make drinking more fun than it is. Do you have a favorite glass? Extra large and cheerful? From now on, put your drinks in, put a colored straw in and you will still be happy with it? You must have that! Do you find water dirty despite the fact that it is good for you? Then choose a little taste by adding cheerful fruit which is also beautiful! Make it a party, but a healthy one;)

Reminder - If you hardly feel that you are thirsty, it is important that you do not forget it. And here you can work by setting reminders, for example a reminder via an app. You have enough apps for tablets or mobile phones that keep track of how much you have drunk or that 'ringing' every hour (nice old-fashioned to use this word, but it sounds funny) that it's time for a new glass. Drinking drinking till the ship is sinking! But then with water or a little bit of lemonade, it has to stay healthy!

Watery food - Does drinking not work out the way you hope? Then choose food with extra moisture! For example, think of a watermelon or cucumber, that's how you get it, but in a different way. It's not about how you get it to your liters, if you do not fall short!

The toilet - Do you find it difficult to find moments to drink? You're going to the bathroom anyway? Make it a habit to drink a glass after the visit so that it is in balance. These are the consequences of drinking too little water.

 Drinking at your fingertips - Never leave without your bottle! I like to go out with my Spa bottle that is filled and before I arrive at the destination, I have to finish it. Sounds like I am very strict for myself, but otherwise I really do not. I just forget about it, but now it's getting better and better.

Drinking list - I am really someone where lists always work. Therefore also a list per day to keep track of how much I have. If I have drunk something then it is allowed on the list. I count in glasses and have to have 8 to 10 in the evening, prefer some extra, but that is still a challenge.

It is very important to drink more, the above tips I try to apply but it still does not work. It is not always in my 'system', but it is already getting better. My glass is always half full, but in this case it must also become an army!

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Water from your water cooler Noarlunga

Our body consists for the most of water. It maintains our lives. No water no life. All that moisture has an important function.

It regulates our body temperature, which is done in 2 ways:
  •     By causing cold, which is caused by sweating through evaporation on the skin.
  •     Due to increased or decreased blood flow from places that are too hot or too cold

This moisture management also ensures fast and reliable transport of all kinds of substances, including:
  •     Hormones
  •     Oxygen
  •     Repellents
  •     Nutrients in the body
Drinking regularly is therefore important, because you also want to get rid of your waste quickly. You lose more than 1 liter of water per day through urine, skin and lungs, and that must of course be replenished. So try to drink at least 1 liter of water a day. Some even claim 2 liters per day, but that is a personal matter.

Utilizing thirst indicates our body when it needs water from your water cooler Noarlunga.

Do not fill your body with water if you don't like it, not everybody is the same. Water is absorbed very quickly by the intestines. Tea, milk, soda and coffee treats your body like food and undergoes a time-consuming digestion process. Besides, tea and coffee contain caffeine and that work diuretic again.

Have you ever thought about herbal teas?
It takes some getting used to, but it gives your body a lot of good substances.

There are many types of herbal teas, take a look at the reform house. You will be amazed. You may not like a glass of cold water, but you can mix it with lemon or fruit juice or drink from your water cooler Noarlunga then the knife cuts both ways.

Facts about water:

  1. The amount of water has remained unchanged since the creation of the Earth. This is because water, as it were, recycles itself. So you may drink water that was once drunk by a dinosaur.
  2. Water completely odourless? How about this: an elephant can smell water a mile away!   
  3. About 97 percent of the Earth's water is undrinkable because it is salty. Two percent of the world's supply is "locked up" in glaciers and icebergs. So there is only one percent left that can be used by people for drinking, industry, agriculture and personal care.
  4. One billion people have to walk three hours a day to get drinking water.
  5. In 37 percent of Australians, the "thirst mechanism" is so weak that they mistake thirst for hunger. About 75 percent of Australians suffer from chronic dehydration. This is believed to apply to half of the world's population.

A scientific footnote:

Water enters the tissue fluid through the wall of the large intestine. A person absorbs an average of 2150 ml per day (B in drinks). Also 250 ml of water is formed as a by-product of the metabolism. 1400 ml is excreted with the urine, 200 ml via the intestinal wall in the faeces, approximately 100 ml in the form of sweat and the rest by diffusion through the skin and through the exhaled air.

The elimination rate via the kidneys is especially important for controlling the water and salt content. The hormone ADH regulates the water content. The volume of the tissue fluid, and thus of the blood, is controlled by the influence of blood pressure on the production of urine by the kidney. Regulating the absorption of water and sodium (in the form of table salt) also plays an important role. Inhibition of the feeling of thirst (for a maximum of about 1530 min) by drinking and by stomach filling protects the organism against excessive water absorption.

A scientific footnote: part two:

In living organisms, water fulfils a function of, among other things, a solvent and transport agent, and a temperature regulator. The water content of living organisms ranges from 97% in some marine animals to less than 50% in bacterial spores; for adult humans it is 65%.

Why is Filtered Water so Important?