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TIP: Drinking water in winter time

In the winter it always costs me a little more trouble to drink enough, do you have that too? In the summer I am quickly thirsty and I always have a bottle of water on my desk. In the winter I have this bottle there as well, but it just does not come on. While it is also very important in the winter to drink enough water. During sports you still lose a lot of fluid, although it is perhaps a little less than when it is 30 degrees in the summer. How do you know if you are drinking enough water. But it is therefore very important to maintain your fluid intake well in the winter. And for the following reasons. Healthy drinks instead of water.

Less thirst signals

Lower temperatures result in less reduced thirst signals from the body. I'm not completely sure why this is, but I also experience this myself. Then cold air keeps little moisture because it is often a dry air. This means that when you exercise in the cold you will lose moisture more easily; sweat evaporates faster. The risk of dehydration is therefore greater than you think. Consider water as an important nutrient and do not forget to drink it.

Prevents muscle pain and joint pain

Moisture is essential for proper functioning of the muscles, it plays a role in the tightening and stretching of the muscles. If the muscle cells contain too little fluid, you will suffer from muscle spasms and the chance is higher that you will perform below average. In addition, the risk of muscle pain is also greater if you drink too little because the muscles can not recover quickly enough.

Improved immune system

Water provides an improved immune system. Our body produces waste products through digestion, but also gets harmful substances from the environment. Drinking water purifies the body, reducing the risk of bacteria, viruses or other pathogens. It also prevents the dehydration of mucous membranes that are important in the prevention of colds and other influenza viruses.

Gives an energy boost and stimulates brain activity

Lose weight by drinking water. Is coffee the first thing you think about when you wake up? Do not give in until you have drunk a glass of water. After about 8 hours of sleep (this is the ideal number of hours of sleep per night) that is what your body needs. Rinse toxins that your body has built up overnight, hydrate your brain and your organs. Every organ in the body needs water to function properly and stay healthy. In addition, the human brain also functions better if the body receives sufficient fluid. When you start the day with enough water you will notice that you get more energy and are also more productive.

Prevents dry throat, dry skin and headache

In the winter the heating is on all day and that ensures very dry air. As you could read earlier in this article, cold air is often drier, in hot air there is much more water. You heat a cold house with the heating, but there is no warm outside air (with moisture). The result is therefore a dry air that is inhaled. The lungs can absorb less oxygen, resulting in less oxygen available to the body. In addition, the air evaporates very quickly causing a dry throat, dry skin and headaches lurking. Often drinking water is a very good remedy for these symptoms. Make sure that you drink plenty of water during the day. If you still get a headache, first take a few glasses of water before you take your pietillers.

Do not get hungry with thirst

Many people think they are hungry and start eating, while they are actually thirsty. In the winter, your body gives off less thirst signals and you more often want more food and heavier meals. The risk for extra calories is therefore soon lurking. If you are very hungry and have the idea that you have not drunk much, drink something first and see if you are still hungry after wards. Easy way to prevent those extra calories! Each pound goes through the mouth;)

My tips for drinking enough in the winter

  •     Start every day with 2 glasses of water, immediately when you get out of bed. How many liter of water should you drink.
  •     Drink a glass of water for every meal and one before you go to bed
  •     Do not drink ice cold water, but lukewarm water
  •     Make your own herbal tea that does not taste too strong, that drinks well. My favorite is currently hot water with ginger and orange. Did you know that ginger is also very good for athletes?
  •     Alternate different teas; good for the taste and for health! Rooibos tea, for example, counteracts the aging process, black tea ensures relaxation and reduction of the stress hormone cortisone and green tea for beautiful skin.
  •     Enjoy a good hot chocolate at its time.

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