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TIP: This way you can drink 2 liters of water a day

So start right away!

We can not tell you often enough: keep drinking water. There are plenty of reasons to drink water. Water moisturizes the skin and ensures that your skin does not look dull. Water is also the remedy against and water helps. Besides being better on the outside, water is also important for the inside of your body. Water helps your kidneys to process waste products in your body. If you do not drink enough water, the waste remains in your body and this can be harmful to your kidneys. You obviously do your best to get that 2 liters of water a day, but sometimes it just does not work. That is why we give you some useful tips to drink enough water. Truth about drinking water.

Buy a nice bottle

A standard bottle from the Supermarket does not invite you to drink. It is also bad for your body and the environment. Therefore purchase a nice bottle! Of course, the following applies: the more it fits, the better. Handy to buy a bottle of 0.5 liters. So you know that you have to drink this bottle at least 4 times a day to get the two liters.

Drink immediately when you wake up

You lose a lot of fluid at night, but you do not take any moisture. Therefore, take a glass of water in the morning. That gives energy in the morning and that's how you start your goal extra early.

Drink throughout the day

Water cooler with or without filtration. Due to all your appointments and deadlines you have drunk far too little and so you decide to catch up in the evening in an hour. This is not a good idea! Try to drink smaller amounts all day, instead of a liter at once. Your body can only process a certain amount of moisture per hour, making it dangerous for your health.

Download an app

To keep track of how much water you have drunk during our busy jobs and social obligations can become a little too much. Then download an app! There are several water drinking apps available and also completely free. So just try it once.

Eat water

Not literally, of course, but eat. If you eat these products (daily), you nevertheless get water unconsciously. And eating is often easier than drinking. Having a full glass of water all the time. So grab that can water and go for it. You will benefit greatly later on. Just lost count of how many jugs you have already drunk empty? To the color of your pee you can see exactly whether you are busy. Because the whiter the urine, the smoother the waste is taken away. Better health with Prestige Water.

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