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Drinking water in summer from the cold water tap of the water cooler Mount Kelly

At summer temperatures, we often use more tap water than otherwise. As a thirst lesser, for the garden or for cooling and water fun. Drinking water, the best way to keep your moisture balance up to date. Below are our summer tips.

Drink enough

Even if you do not have thirst. Drink at least one and a half liters a day to absorb the moisture in your body that you lose by transpiration. Truth about drinking water.

  • Is it a tropical hot day? Take extra care of the elderly and children in your area. They sometimes forget to drink on time.
  • Also pets need more water than otherwise. Make sure there is always a fresh water container.
  • Alternate with our surprising water recipes.

Is the heat over? There are plenty of reasons to keep drinking tap water. Read on.

Water for on the road

  • Calcutate how much water you should drink. Are you planning a day out? Fill at home a bottle of fresh water from the water cooler Mount Kelly. These can be replenished to the public drinking water bottles, which you will find in more and more places in our province.
  • Do you bring a coolbox to the beach or pool? Then freeze a tap with tap water. This first serves as a cooling element and after wards you have fresh water to drink.

Keep water

  • 6 Facts about drinking water. Put a barrel or bottle of fresh tap water in the fridge every day. The water stays well fresh.
  • Do not store it for more than three days in the refrigerator.
  • Rinse the carafe or bottle regularly.


  • Finish the outdoor cranes when you go on holiday. This way nobody can make any unwanted use of it.
  • Abroad, you can often not drink water from the tap. Let you travel well for travel by your travel organization or GGD.
  • On arrival, turn all taps open for a minimum of one minute. Even if you've been away for a few days. So rinse the pipes and prevent legionella. Tip: Set your boiler or boiler at 60 to 65 degrees Celsius.

Garden and Patio

  • Irrigate preferably in late evening or early morning.
  • Irrigate one or two times a week slightly longer than every day. This costs less water and has more effect.
  • Leave the hose as it may drain immediately after each use. Thus, bacteria in the water, which can warm up in the sun, do not get a chance.
  • Is there any water left in the snake? Then remove the hose from the hose, put the end into a bucket and rinse the hose for a minute. After that, you can just water the plants.
  • Do not use chemical pesticides to fight weed or remove green deposits on your terrace. Pouring and scrubbing with hot water is also effective. More on weed tips on the Prestige Water website.

The moisture content of your skin and drinking from your water cooler Mount Kelly

Dry and dehydrated skin is often mixed up. Poor skin has to do with a low moisture content in the skin. In contrast, dry skin is a skin that produces little sebum. Moisture too short (dehydration) can occur with any skin type, so both normal, combination, oily or dry skin (often dry skin is dehydrated). There are many important minerals in filtered water from your water cooler Mount Kelly.

The natural moisture balance or moisture level of the skin is also called NMF (Natural Moisturizing Factor).

There are various causes, which prevent the skin from maintaining the moisture level. In this blog we will mention some:

1. With excessive exposure to the sun, cold, air conditioning and of course the low humidity through central heating;

Avoid excessive exposure to sun, cold and air conditioning. If the humidity is low due to central heating, you can put trays of water in the heating. Because the water will evaporate, the humidity will improve.

2. Moisture transport * from the deeper layers of skin to the skin surface is slow;

* The living skin cells in the two deep layers of the epidermis contain about 70% moisture. A cell renewal takes place after 28-30 days. This means that the skin cells shift to the surface of the skin and lose their core (they are no longer alive). This way, the dead skin cells are placed on the surface of the skin (stratum corneum). These dead skin cells only contain about 10% moisture.

This can be supported by good skin care / treatment.

3. Shower / bathe with hot water or clean your face with hot water;

Do not shower too hot. Some love to shower between 45-50 degrees. So don't! Keep the temperature between 38-42 degrees. Clean your face with lukewarm water.

4. Wrong use of cosmetics;

Some care products may contain aggressive ingredients that can cause more moisture loss. For example, cleaners that remove too much sebum.

5. All influences that have an adverse effect on health, for example, smoking;

6. Age (as we age, everything decreases in our skin, including the moisture content);

This can also be supported with treatment (s) and good skin care to keep the moisture content and the rest of the activities intact.

Dehydrated skin can be recognized by the following symptoms:
  •     fine veins that are visible in the skin. Look like wrinkles (also called crackle);
  •     feeling tight and / or flaky, irritated skin more quickly;
  •     rough and dry, sometimes cracked;
  •     lack of flexibility and elasticity;
  •     premature crow's feet and wrinkles.
When these symptoms also occur to you, the skin will be extra sensitive. The external factors such as cold, air conditioning and much more will affect the moisture content and will only increase the moisture loss.

Does drinking a lot of water from your water cooler Mount Kelly help?

You hydrate the skin by drinking a lot of water. Water is good for our body and skin and try to get to that 2 liters per day, only the skin is the last priority of your body ...

When you drink water it first goes to the most important organs, the blood and to other parts of the body. It is the turn of the skin last and by then there is not much left.


It is important to restore the moisture balance and moisturize the skin well. Clean the skin with a mild cleanser that does not affect the moisture balance and use a moisturizing cream. Because the sensitivity of the skin often occurs through incorrect cosmetics use, it is important to get good advice!

Why is Filtered Water so Important?