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TIP: You need to drink so much water during exercise

Regular intensive exercise requires a lot of your body! You lose a lot of sweat and therefore moisture. How do you know if you are drinking enough water. This moisture needs to be replenished and that means a lot of drinking from your Water Cooler Gundagai! Wondering how much extra water you need to drink during an intensive workout? Read on soon ...

I have been struggling to drink enough (water) all my life. With the idea of grabbing a glass of water, I can walk to the kitchen, then come back with a rice cake with peanut butter. Guilty pleasure. Drinking enough water is right when your sport is very important. If you drink insufficiently, your performance is certainly not good. Healthy drinks instead of water.

1. Weighing

Get on the scales before your workout and after your workout. Are you lighter? Lose weight by drinking water. Unfortunately, the difference in weight is not because you immediately lost so much fat. This is moisture that you lost during your workout. So drink heaps of water from your Water Cooler Gundagai.

2. Count

Subtract the number of kilos after exercise from the number of kilos for exercise. Add to this the number of liters of drinking water. Together this is the total loss of moisture during your workout. If you weigh one kilo lighter after exercise and you have drunk a bottle with 500 ml of water during exercise, then you have lost 1.5 liters of fluid during your workout. If your weight is less than the weight for exercise after exercise, then you have not drunk enough and you have lost too much fluid during your workout. Are not you lighter after your workout? Well done! Then you drank enough!

3. Drink

Always start your workout well hydrated. During exercise, try to drink about 150-200 ml of water every 15 minutes from your Water Cooler Gundagai to ensure that your moisture content is maintained. Fill the moisture loss as soon as possible after exercise. Multiply the number of liters of fluid lost by 1.5 and drink these how many liters in the hours after your workout. Will October be your month to start a healthy lifestyle? Make sure you buy one of our guides, receive the free water bottle and have the chance to win 1 of the 2 Polar A370 Activity Trackers! Go quickly to the shop, choose your guide, use the code 'BOTTLE' and enter POLAR in the comments and October is the month in which you are going to pop! The promotion runs until 30 September midnight.

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