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In the hustle and bustle of everyday life, we often forget to drink enough water. So it comes in handy to have a drink reminder. He regularly advises us that it is time to fill up with fluids again. What water does for your skin.

Drink reminders are now available in various forms - for example as an app and via a reminder function on the smartwatch.

You can download numerous apps onto your smartphone free of charge. They send a signal or a message when the next glass of water is due. In many applications it is possible to provide additional information, for example your age, gender, weight, whether you are pregnant, do a lot of sport or what temperatures are outside. In this way, the drinking reminder can be individually tailored to you.

Many smartwatches also contain drink reminders that work in a similar way. Another possibility are so-called aqua bands. They are worn on the wrist and vibrate at intervals that you can determine yourself. Which form of drinking reminder you choose is ultimately up to you. All of them aim to make regular fluid intake a regular part of your everyday life.

Questions about nutrition and the benchtop water coolers Canberra?

Infused Water Recipes: Cucumber, Lemon, Basil.

In summer in particular, it is important to ensure that you drink enough water in the form of water. However, if you find water and unsweetened teas too monotonous or boring for you in the long run, you could try a healthy vitamin water, infused water. Why water is so important to the skin.

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