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What happens if you drink too little water?

If you drink too little water, it leads to different problems in your body depending on the duration and severity of the dehydration. First, what we all know happens - we get thirsty. It should be noted that thirst is already a reaction to a deficiency. So if you only drink when you are thirsty, you regularly expose your body to stress, which can easily be avoided through conscious drinking. Fortunately, not so much happens in this first phase of thirst. Benchtop Water Cooler Newcastle for better health. Drink plenty of water! Give the body what it needs: Water. Some processes in the body are then slowed down a little and we may feel a little less fit and productive. This is mainly due to the reduced flow rate of the blood and the slower transport of substances and oxygen. Those who survive the thirst, however, bring the body into a crisis mode. With a water deficit of around three percent, the body then reduces the secretion of glands, which we sometimes notice in a dry mouth. Three percent is not much and just 1-2 liters. With increasing dehydration, headaches and circulatory problems set in, as well as an increased body temperature, as we sweat less to save water and switch to a kind of survival mode. If you have frequent headaches or circulatory problems due to insufficient drinking, you can expect a lot from your health. Moisture and drinking water. In the long run, this can even lead to disease and organ damage. Try to drink plenty of filtered water from your Benchtop Water Cooler Newcastle.

How Much Water Should You Drink Each Day?

How much water you should drink daily depends on many factors such as body weight, age and gender, but above all on individual activity levels. You will quickly realize that a road construction worker who sweats heavily needs more water than an office worker or a nursing mother more than another woman of the same size. Still, there are a few rough guidelines that everyone should know. Not only drinks play a role here, but also the amount of liquid that should not be underestimated in the food. For a normally active, average adult, the Nutrition Society assumes a daily amount of fluid of around 2.6 liters.

Since we ingest about 900 milliliters on average with our food, there are still 1.5 liters that we have to add through drinking. Converted to standard glasses, this is about 6-8 servings, which are best drunk throughout the day. If, like many of us, you only drink 4-5 glasses or even less, chronic dehydration is very likely. Incidentally, very concentrated drinks such as coffee or beer are not meant here, as the body needs extra fluids to process them. In addition, both of these and other drinks are considered diuretic, which leads to an increased need for water. If you want to determine your personal drinking needs more precisely, take a look at one of the numerous online drinking calculators. There you can have your water requirement estimated based on your body values, your activity level and the current temperature.

Try infused water. Why is water drinking from a benchtop water cooler Newcastle so important for my health?

Reasons why you should drink enough water

1. Water boosts your metabolism

The first thing to do in the morning is to drink a large glass of water. This stimulates digestion and flushes harmful substances out of the body. Especially at night we lose a lot of fluids through light sweating and breathing. So, let that first glass of water in the morning become a positive morning routine.

2. Water is a means of transport and it detoxifies

Your blood ensures that nutrients and oxygen circulate in the organism and are transported to their respective place of action. Your kidneys in particular depend on a good supply of fluids because they filter your blood and thus cleanse it of harmful substances. You can easily tell whether you have drunk enough from your urine. A light color is a sign of good drinking behavior.

3. Water increases your ability to concentrate

As we age, our sense of thirst also decreases. As a result, states of confusion often occur in older people in particular. But young people also suffer from poor concentration when they are dehydrated. So that no deficiencies arise in the first place, you should drink enough water regularly throughout the day. Headaches and migraines are also often an indication of a lack of water.

4. Water protects your joints

Cartilage and joints have a high proportion of fluid. The water in the joint cartilage is important for its cushioning properties and makes it more elastic. With targeted joint training, you can boost your joint metabolism. You also improve the supply of fluids and vital substances and protect your joints better against wear and tear.

5. Water improves your acid-base balance

Water balances the acidity of the body and protects against over-acidification. This is very important, because all enzymatic activities can only run perfectly if the blood pH is correct. To do this, you should drink at least 1.5 liters of water a day from your benchtop water cooler Newcastle. Best distributed in small amounts throughout the day.

6. Water helps you burn fat

Drinking water alone burns around 50 calories per 1/2 liter. So water is an ideal drink to help you lose weight. Especially sweet lemonades and fruit juices are rather unsuitable for anyone who wants to lose weight. So avoid soft drinks and use water or unsweetened tea instead. This allows you to quickly and easily save several hundred calories throughout the day.

7. Water makes your skin beautiful

As a calorie-free and healthy drink, water also has a positive effect on your skin. Low hydration often leads to dry skin. Wrinkles and skin blemishes are the result. Drink at least 1.5 liters of water in small amounts throughout the day. Your skin is plumped up from the inside, looks plump and rosy. Small wrinkles and blemishes disappear.

8. Water regulates your body temperature

Heavy physical work, but also sport or hot temperatures raise our body temperature and we start to sweat. Sweating is a completely normal reaction of our body - our "natural air conditioning system". However, this air conditioning system also consumes a lot of fluid that has to be quickly returned to the body. For this, water is simply best suited. So make sure you always drink enough while exercising or on hot days.

How can I remember to drink water regularly?
Drink apps are the little helpers when drinking water.

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