Water Cooler for Home or Office with Filtration

Written on the 3 June 2016 by Peter

Water Cooler for Home or Office with Filtration

Never pay for your water again with a Water Cooler for your Home or Office with Prestige Water

Benchtop Water Cooler for Home or Office   Benchtop Water Cooler for Home or Office: Benchtop Water Cooler for Home or Office

Floor Standing Water Cooler for Home or Office   Floor Standing Water Cooler for Home or Office: Floor Standing Water Cooler for Home or Office

Exclusive Water Cooler for Home or Office   Exclusive Water Cooler for Home or Office: Exclusive Water Cooler for Home or Office

The topic of conversation at the water cooler. It is a beautiful expression that refers to the crucial place occupied by the water cooler in the social life at the office. It is the place where you can easily have a chat with colleague while you hit a glass of water. The conversation can be short. Having a water cooler in your home has the advantage that you are easily inclined to drink water instead of soda, which ultimately is healthier for you. Also using the hot water facility, it is easy to prepare a cup of tea, coffee or a dissolution soup is possible. Moreover, there is a financial benefit and having filtered water is much better for the environment. You can already buy a water cooler with filter system from Prestige Water for $ 299.

Drink a lot of water

The benefits of regular drinking water is familiar to most people. Water contains oxygen that gives you energy, it helps eliminate waste from your body, it is good for the urinary tract and skin, and much more. Your skin and drinking water. Businesses, administrative offices, workshops have highlighted the importance of drinking water regularly inprected for the health of their employees and therefore water coolers are fitted in the office. In this way employees are encouraged to drink more water for a better health.

Water Cooler at the Office

"The subject of conversation at the water cooler" or "Most discussed item at the water cooler". These two typical expressions that indicate the importance of the water cooler as a social meeting place in the workplace. In almost all offices you find a water cooler where you can talk to colleagues while enjoying a refreshing cup of water. It is usually due to the water coolers at work that most people have become familiar with this phenomenon. Meanwhile, more and more people are going to install a water cooler because it offers so many features and benefits.

Cold or hot water

Having a water cooler from Prestige Water is not only healthy for giving some extra oxygen and energy but also the hot water facility will make you a cup of tea or other hot water drinks. Because all our water cooler models will have both hot and cold water. If no hot water is required, simply switch it off at the back and this tap will dispense room temperature water.

Water Cooler for home

At home it can be also helpful to install a water cooler. A water cooler at home is no longer exceptional. More and more people have seen the benefits of having a filtered water system. It is not only in summer where there is a lot of drinking water is important, also in winter a water cooler is handy. You can after all also make hot water drinks and you save a lot of plastic bottles that is good for the environment. The truth about water bottles and our environment.

Water cooler benefits

As mentioned, you save a lot by having a water cooler that converts tap water into great tasting drinking water. An additional advantage is the practical convenience: you quickly drink a cup of water when you walk past because you easily remember that drinking water is healthy. How important is drinking water? You do not go to the kitchen to get a glass or open a water bottle and poor in the water. Subconsciously you will be so encouraged by the water cooler that you drink plenty of water. Better health with Prestige Water.


Why is Filtered Water so Important?