Drinking Water is Healthy

Written on the 11 April 2016 by Peter

Drinking Water is Healthy

Benchtop Drinking Water is Healthy   Benchtop Drinking Water is Healthy: Benchtop Drinking Water is Healthy

Floor Standing Drinking Water is Healthy   Floor Standing Drinking Water is Healthy: Floor Standing Drinking Water is Healthy

Exclusive Drinking Water is Healthy   Exclusive Drinking Water is Healthy: Exclusive Drinking Water is Healthy

Drinking water is healthy, but what is healthy water?

There are resources in nature where hundreds of years people go there because "spontaneous cures" would occur by drinking healthy water. Why drinking water will help with Greater Health. Japanese molecular biologist Senetaka Shirahata has researched this and found that water from "healing" sources has a number of features that alkaline water from Prestige Water also has. The water contains mostly alkaline minerals. Minerals in Filtered Water. It is electrically charged, which means an excess of electrons. It has like fresh spring water small water clusters. It's clean thanks to the filtering of the water through the natural layers of the earth.

We are water people: We are made up mostly of water. All substances are transported dissolved in water in our body. We are losing each day approximately two liters of water through sweating, breathing, urination and should be replaced every day. A small water shortage can already cause symptoms such as crankiness, fatigue, concentration problems, headaches and more, and it is very important to replenish the water in our bodies.

Clean water can dissolve substances: The dissolution of substances in your body by water is very important, and if it is already solutes, such as, for example, milk or beer, there may be fewer substances to dissolve. It is therefore important that we drink clean water. Water contains also properties that are less well known but equally important.

Healthy water is "Energy Water": Electrons are a form of energy. If we drink water with an electron deficiency, the body will add electrons before the water can be absorbed. If the body has not enough electrons, water can not be absorbed properly because water intake for the body means energy loss. Better health with Prestige Water.

Healthy water is an antioxidant: Water from mineral springs will have an excess of electrons instead of a deficit. An excess of electrons is called a negative redox potential. Alkaline water has a strong negative redox potential. The electrons will have an anti-oxidative effect.

Healthy water is alkaline, also called alkaline: A surplus of waste means to establish a poor functioning immune system, and is such as acidification using pH strips. It is important to know that all urine values of 3 days must be collected and analyzed. Measure only the morning urine is insufficient to conclude anything. Drinking alkaline water is one of the possibilities in order to help the body to counteract acidification.

Tap water should be filtered? : We do not get infectious diseases from drinking tap water even by adding chlorine. Drinking tap water causes no short term health problems but we can assume that over a long period of time it would be more healthier to filter the tap water before drinking. Tips to drink more water.


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