Cooled and Filtered Tap Water with Filter Bottle

Written on the 30 May 2016 by Peter

Cooled and Filtered Tap Water with Filter Bottle

Cooled and Filtered Tap Water Cooler and Dispenser

Benchtop Cooled and Filtered Tap Water   Benchtop Cooled and Filtered Tap Water: Benchtop Cooled and Filtered Tap Water

Floor Standing Cooled and Filtered Tap Water   Floor Standing Cooled and Filtered Tap Water: Floor Standing Cooled and Filtered Tap Water

Exclusive Cooled and Filtered Tap Water   Exclusive Cooled and Filtered Tap Water: Exclusive Cooled and Filtered Tap Water

The Prestige Water filter system delivers direct fresh, purified, chilled and sparkling water. It is alkaline and contains added minerals as well. In Australia we have the luxury of our drinking water directly from the tap. Tap water vs Filtered water. Most of us use tap water to cook food and drink tea or coffee. But if we want a glass of water, we still usually opt for bottled mineral water. Not really practical and certainly not environmentally friendly. Invest in a Prestige Water cooler system and you have at any time direct access to delicious filtered water with minerals. Prestige Water coolers combines the modern designer water coolers with a high quality 7-stage filter, but it remains just as easy to use as an ordinary kitchen tap. The left tap is normal cold filtered water and the right tap dispenses hot water for all your hot water drinks. If no hot water is required you simply switch off the hot water switch at the rear of the water cooler and this tap will dispense room temperature water. Because of the separate water containers, the filtered water is never in contact with the unfiltered water. After the water has been purified in seven phases, the cooler brings the water to an ideal drinking temperature between 6 and 10 degrees Celsius. Why drinking water will help with greater health.

Healthy drinking water

We can not go a day without water. Our body consists of more than half of water, and we lose it every day through urine, sweat, breath, so we need to replenish. Water, so obvious in this country, that still comes from the faucet? But if you want the best water for your body, water straight from the tap doesn't have the optimal quality. It includes all kind of residues and chemicals. It is the pollution and incriminating information that prevents the water in it's natural texture and vitality. Why a clean & Prestige Water filter? How do I know if my water is not good? An indication may be that the water has an off-taste which is unpleasant. Another clue is that the water is thin, or "limp" feeling. Even if you have resistance from yourself to drink water, that is a reason to improve the quality of your drinking water. The filter system from Prestige Water gives back its natural structure and vitality. After filtration the water has a natural, organic structure. These natural patterns can be found in all of nature, for example in the leaf of a fern. The water regains vitality, harmony and softness. When the water is absorbed better and more efficient, this not only makes a healthy body, but also work for a better overall. In addition, you do not have to buy these expensive water bottles, now simply have unlimited great tasting water from your own water cooler. Tips to drink more water.


Why is Filtered Water so Important?