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If you like to turn your tap water into great-tasting drinking water.

Are you still drinking water straight from your tap? Do you and your family or staff really like the taste? Do you like to drink more water but regular tap water is hard to swallow?

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Sauna and moisture loss

Moisture loss

During a round of sauna, you lose half to one and a half litres of moisture. The moisture that you lose is initially taken from your blood. Because the body can not only get the moisture out of your blood, moisture is extracted from other tissues. Think about fat, muscle and skin tissue. By sweating, lactic acids are also withdrawn from the muscles that have remained after the sport. In this way, your body is "cleaned up" as it were. The disposal of residual waste is one of the most important depths of the sauna. Drink heaps of water from your Water Coolers Mount Isa.

Lots of drinks

Because you lose so much moisture, it is important to drink enough of your sauna after drinking. Drink a lot of tea, water and fruit juice and try to avoid alcohol. After a round of sauna, try to drink half a litre to a litre of water to replenish all the moisture.

What to eat before, during and after a sauna visit?

A visit to the sauna means enjoying yourself. To make the visit even more enjoyable, you have to think of a number of things like the duration of your sauna visit, what wellness location you are going to visit, and also what you eat. Read these nutrition tips for a better sauna experience. It is advisable to take only a light meal for your sauna. If you want to eat a bigger meal, you can do this within a maximum of 1 to 2 hours before your visit. Great tasting water after filtration from the Water Coolers Mount Isa. It can be too much work for your body to put the digestion in addition to the effort it takes to heat the heat. As a result, headaches and/or dizziness can occur. Therefore, it is better to eat only a salad or curry for your sauna visit. In addition, it is not wise to drink alcohol for your sauna visit. It may seem relaxing to use alcohol in your sauna, but your body likes this less fun. Alcohol extracts moisture from your body and that's what a sauna search also does. This allows you to dry out. Many wellness locations have a restaurant in the building. This is used for lunch and/or dinner or for a drink. Because a sauna is relaxed and healthy, the food should also be adapted. It is therefore important for many people to be able to eat healthily and sustainably. Even during a sauna visit, it is wise to eat light. Also, choose here for a salad or yogurt. To keep drinking water all the time seems useful, but it's not! Your body instantly adds moisture reserves, which causes the sweat from the net to get drunk water and not out of the body's water reservoirs. Healthy drink water from the Water Coolers Mount Isa. Here the waste is drained and therefore it is better to pull it out of the water reservoirs instead of drinking water. After the sauna, it is wise to drink a lot of water. All the moisture that is lost can now be supplemented by drinking a lot of water. Due to the amount of moisture lost during the sauna, you have also lost a lot of salt. It is therefore advisable to take a salty snack after a sauna visit. This can be done with, for example, cheese toast. The older the cheese, the higher the salt content. This is of course not the healthiest choice, so you can go for a chicken soup. By taking chicken soup you will not only get salt but also moisture. Two flies in one slap so. For vegans, a strawberry spinach salad is a good choice. This salad is not just for vegans as a delicious meal after a sauna visit, but also for everyone else. This is a filling salad that is not too heavy on the stomach and where salt is processed. Another recommendation is a fruit salad. This contains an average of 80% moisture and is therefore perfect for filling the moisture shortage. Often wellness locations serve various smoothies that are very tasty and healthy!

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Drink after getting up in the morning

Starting the day with drinking water has several advantages. On the one hand, the body is already slightly dehydrated in the morning because no fluids have been absorbed for 6 to 8 hours. If you have a drink now, you will crank up your metabolism particularly efficiently, which will help to wake you up. On the other hand, drinking water quickly becomes a routine after getting up, which also helps to drink more in the long term. It is also practical that you can cross the first glass off your list in the morning.

Drink before every meal

You will find it easier to drink more if you make a habit of drinking a glass of water before each meal.

Drinking a glass of water right before meals also has several benefits. Due to the regularity and the connection with meals, drinking before eating is automated after a few days and is then much easier. In addition, water helps you feel full before meals, so you'll feel full more quickly while you are eating.

Why is Filtered Water so Important?