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Water on the go

A healthier thirst quencher than water with a fruit or herbal flavor is hardly conceivable. With the new Contigo water bottle you can give the water a nice flavor and take it with you on the go.

Drinking bottle for your own flavored water on the go (with recipes)

We are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of drinking enough. That explains the growing popularity of water with a taste because a healthier thirst quencher than that is hardly imaginable. That is why Contigo launches a water bottle in which you easily make flavored water to take away. An Infuser has a cup at the bottom that you can turn off and fill with slices of lime, orange, raspberries, cucumber, basil leaves, mint or whatever you like. You tighten the bottom, fill the bottle with water and briefly cool it in the fridge. Then you go out with a bottle of water to your own taste. Because the fruit or spices remain at the bottom of the cup, it does not float through the bottle, which makes drinking a lot easier.

You can easily carry the water bottle along the way. The so-called Autoseal technology does not leak the bottle and you do not have to twist the cap of the bottle to drink, but you drink through a lockable nozzle. At the top of the bottle is a carabiner that you can click on your backpack, bag or belt.

The bottle is made of the durable, BPA-free material TritanTM that does not discolour and does not retain odors. You can clean the drinking bottle in the dishwasher without problems. (MS)

The Contigo Cortland Infuser has a capacity of 790 ml and is available in two colors: Watermelon and Vibrant Lime. Price: 29.95 euros.

Some ideas for recipes

You can download a booklet with all recipes for free via MyContigo.

Water from your water cooler North Maclean with cucumber, lemon and mint


2 slices of cucumber,


1-2 slices of lemon

8-10 mint leaves
Handy: drinking bottle for your own flavored water on the go (with recipes)

© Contigo

Water with ginger and lemon


1 piece of ginger of 2.5 cm

3 slices of lemon

Water with lime and mint


3-4 slices of lime

8-10 mint leaves

Water with rosemary, peach and raspberry


5-8 raspberries

2-3 slices of peach

1 sprig of rosemary

Water with blueberry and pomegranate


8-12 blueberries

10-12 pomegranate seeds
Handy: drinking bottle for your own flavored water on the go (with recipes)

© Contigo

Water with strawberry and vanilla


2-3 strawberries, in


A vanilla pod of 2.5 cm, cut through

Water with watermelon and basil


3-4 cubes of watermelon

3-4 basil leaves

Water with orange and rosemary


3-4 slices of orange

1 sprig of rosemary

Water with cherry and peach


2-3 cherries, halved

2 slices of peach

Water with mango and papaya


2-3 pieces of mango

2-3 pieces of papaya

Water with cucumber, pineapple and mint


2-3 pieces of pineapple

2-3 slices of cucumber,


8-10 mint leaves

Water with kiwi, strawberry and lime


1-2 strawberries, in slices

1/4 kiwi, in slices

1-2 slices of lime

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Drink water from your water cooler North Maclean!! I'm going to talk to you briefly about drinking WATER.

You may be thinking "I've known that for a long time" and that is why I recommend that you continue reading this article. Indeed, you have often heard that you have to drink a lot of water to live a healthy life. Why don't you do it, or not enough?

The secret lies in the GLASS. Drinking water from a glass is usually experienced as unpleasant and difficult. If you want to drink 2 to 3 liters of water from a glass every day, this is almost impossible.


Drink water from a 0.50 liter bottle. You will immediately notice that this is much smoother. In 2 or 3 movements you empty a bottle.

The Slimmer Life Plan explains how this bottle can make your weight loss results twice as fast. You can, without obligations, take a look at the Slimmer Life Plan, just click on this link.

It may take some getting used to drinking from a bottle, but after a while, you will find that it is very easy and you can drink much more water than you thought possible.

You may wonder why you should drink so much water a day! Well, our body can only function perfectly if we drink enough (2 to 3 liters) of water per day. Every six weeks, the entire water balance in our body is renewed. We need water in all our organs, not to forget, in the muscles. The water is the river in our body, so all nutrients find their way into our body. An engine also does not run without fuel. Water from your water cooler North Maclean is one of the most important fuels for our body, along with a healthy diet.

The Leaner Life Plan makes it easy for us to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Take a look at the site without obligation. The Leaner Life Plan.

What has given me a great boost is that you are not left to your own devices. You can get a personal coach from day one. So you are not alone.

Drink more alakline filtered water with minerals from your water cooler North Maclean

Do like me and be convinced of the usefulness of a healthy lifestyle and take a look at the site without obligation. Water is necessary for young and old.

Why is Filtered Water so Important?