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Tip: How to make fruit water

That water is healthy, we do not have to tell you. Have a full glass of water all the time. But how do you make fruit water? You need at least 2 liters per day, but for many people that is really a challenge. The same applies to your child, how can you ensure that they drink enough every day? Actually it is very easy, because you can make delicious 'juices' of water, or better mentioned; fruit water! In this way you and your child not only get water inside, but also the vitamins that are in the fruit! To get the vitamins from the fruit, the fruit must have been in the water for at least 12 hours. Tap water vs filtered water. Drink plenty of water from your Water Cooler Lane Cove.

Maybe the fruit water is not new to you, but did you know that you can make your fruit water even better by adding herbs? How do you make fruit water? We give you 7 delicious recipes!

1.  Fruit water from Cucumber - Lime - Mint

    3 'ribbons' cucumber (with the cheese slicer you can peel horizontal 3 large 'ribbons')
    Half a lime
    1 or 2 sprigs of mint

2. Fruit water of Orange - Cinnamon - Ginger

    2 oranges
    1 cinnamon stick
    To your taste pieces of ginger

3. Fruit water from strawberries - basil - lemon

    A hand full of strawberries
    8-10 leaves of basil
    4 slices of lemon

4. Fruit water with Orange and Coriander

    2 orange
    Coriander according to your own taste

5. Fruit water with Strawberries - Cucumber - Mint - Lime

    How to make fruit water 4A hand full of strawberries
    3 'ribbons' cucumber (with the cheese slicer you can peel horizontal 3 large 'ribbons')
    1 or 2 sprigs of mint
    A number of lime slices

6. Fruit water with Watermelon - Mint

    1 large piece of watermelon
    2 sprigs of mint

And is it really very difficult for you to drink water all day long? Healthy drink water from your Water Cooler Lane Cove. Then we have another delicious and healthy drink for you:

7. Lemonade with Coconut Milk - Ice cubes of coconut water - Lime

    200 ml of coconut milk
    Some ice cubes (preferably from coconut water)
    1 lime

Throw all this through the blender and you have a delicious healthy coconut shake! How do you make fruit water? You know that now! Enjoy your delicious water from the Prestige Water Cooler Lane Cove! Better health with Prestige Water

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Drink water from your water cooler Lane Cove

Before going to bed, brush your teeth. You see the water flowing and you suddenly think "oh, what a thirst I am actually!". Then you realize: "again too little to drink today, tomorrow I will drink more". Brushing your teeth before going to bed is so standard, but drinking enough water is often not in your system. Recognizable? In the Corona challenge, we will try to make the goal of "drinking 10 glasses of water a day" as standard as brushing your teeth. A correct fluid balance in your body is very important for good resistance. When you drink too little, waste products are not removed. And that is exactly what we want to prevent in this period!

That moisture is important for your body is clear above water. Your body needs it, it gives you energy, it works against fatigue and headaches and we can continue for a while. It has a positive effect on your body if you drink enough water a negative effect on your body if you do not drink enough water. Enough reason to get started with this goal. In this blog, you first follow a possible daily schedule for reaching eight glasses of water and then tips for reminders that can work for you.

In the morning

Maybe you always start your morning with a cup of coffee, tea or dairy. This, of course, also falls under "moisture". The best thing to do is to drink a glass of water immediately after getting up. At night your body is recovering and that means that waste products are created, with a glass of water you immediately dispose of those waste products in the morning. Also, it also stimulates the metabolism.

What will also help you is to also grab a glass of water as standard when you are having breakfast. Then you already have your second glass of water.

Whether you go out the door or stay at home: always fill a bottle of water of at least 500 ml from your water cooler Lane Cove that you try to keep in sight. Place the bottle next to your book, your laptop, on the table or your desk. As long as you keep being reminded of your goal by literally seeing your goal. Make sure you have finished the bottle before lunch. Then the counter is already at four.

In the afternoon

What applies to breakfast also applies to lunch. In addition to your standard drink, you can also put a glass of water again. We are already halfway there! After lunch, grab your bottle of water again, because he will keep you company again for the next few hours. Make it nice and present by putting it in your sight. If you empty your bottle for dinner, you have only three glasses of water on the schedule.

In the evening

If you come home after a long working day, take a glass of water immediately. It helps you to avoid an in-poop moment and you have another glass of water with it.

Maybe you've always done it: put a glass of water with your dinner. After this glass you have already drunk nine glasses of water and the finish line is in sight. It can be that simple and fast. You can choose to drink your last glass of water with your evening snack, this may also be a cup of tea, but you can also drink a glass of water from your water cooler Lane Cove while brushing your teeth.

Choose the reminders that best fit your lifestyle and that you will remember the easiest. You can also teach yourself to take a glass of water with every cup of tea, coffee or other drink. Or a glass of water with every meal. Or a glass of water every time you brush your teeth. Or fill your 500ML bottle four times a day. Choose what you like. Make your reminders. If you are going to link a glass of water to a certain activity (brushing teeth, eating, etc.) you make drinking water standard for yourself.

Why is Filtered Water so Important?