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Healthy Alkaline Drinking Water from your Refillable Water Cooler Brisbane

1. Drink cold water

Especially on hot days, we like to store the water bottle in the refrigerator or put a few ice cubes in the glass. But in fact, this does not mean any cooling for our body: Ice-cold drinks cause a kind of cold shock. To compensate for this, the body produces even more heat. For centuries, desert peoples have been using warm drinks to survive hot days. How many liter of water should you drink.

Understandably, at 30 degrees in the shade, one is not exactly after a boiled tea. However, it is better to use water at room temperature than ice-cold drinks.

2. Drink too much at once

You can't drink too much water? Indeed it is. By the way, our urine color shows us very clearly how properly we have drunk. If it goes in an orange or beer-colored direction, we have not consumed enough water. If the urine is almost colorless, this is a sign of too much water. A light yellow color would be perfect.

Too much water can cause what is known as water poisoning in the body. The excess water then stays in the body and thins the blood, which can have life-threatening consequences. But don't worry, this case won't happen that quickly: A normal, healthy body can handle up to a maximum of 10 liters a day.

3. Pre-drink

If you feel thirsty, you drink too late? This half-knowledge circulates through society. Allegedly, according to this statement, the body would already suffer from dehydration when the feeling of thirst arises. So you have to drink up, so to speak, to prevent this.

According to nutritionists, this is nonsense. At this very moment, thirst signals to us that the body wants fluid now - not before or after. So just listen to your organism.

Of course, we should drink between 1.5 and 2 liters of fluids per day, and sometimes more, depending on the weather and activity. If you have difficulty with this, it is advisable to drink according to plan. If you are not really into pure water, you can spice it up with fresh fruit - there are even extra infused water bottles for this. Great tasting alkaline water from a hot and cold refillable water cooler Brisbane from Prestige Water. Healthy drinks instead of water.

4. Drink too quickly

When it is really hot in summer or when we have just finished a strenuous workout, the temptation is great to empty a whole bottle of water at once. But be careful: If we ingest so much water, it dilutes our saliva extremely. However, this is important for digestion as it stimulates the juices in the stomach. If we dilute it so much, there is relatively too little saliva in our digestive system. This means that the body cannot absorb the fluid properly.

Accordingly, our bladder fills up quickly and we pee out most of it. Our bodies hardly have enough time to store water and absorb important nutrients.

5. Drink only water

Whether in summer or during sports: In order for the body to be supplied with sufficient fluids and hydrated, not only a lot of water is necessary, but also certain minerals. Mineral waters with magnesium, potassium, sodium and chloride are ideal for nourishing the body. With great effort and a lot of sweat loss, athletes can also drink sports drinks. Benchtop and Floor Standing Refillable Water Coolers Brisbane with a Filtration Bottle.

6. Drink too little

Spread over the day, the body should be given around 1.5 to 2 liters of water in order to function optimally. If you are physically active or sweat heavily in summer, you should drink more. However, many do not manage to drink enough daily. This can be B. have a negative effect on concentration, skin, urine color and blood circulation in the body.

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