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Floor Standing Water Coolers Sydney with Filter
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In summer it is particularly important to drink enough fluids. Because when the temperatures rise, our body produces more sweat to cool the skin. This loss of fluids must be compensated for by drinking plenty of fluids. Here are three basic rules for the correct drinking behaviour in summer:
It's the amount that matters! Drinking water, the best way to keep your moisture balance up to date.

On hot days you should drink two to three litres of liquid to avoid drying out. Healthy sources of fluids include mineral water, unsweetened teas and juice spritzers. There is also a lot of water in fruits and vegetables. So, grab your strawberries, melons, cucumbers and lettuce properly!

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Not thirsty? Drink anyway!

Drink before you get thirsty! Thirst is an indication of a lack of fluids in our body. Seniors often forget to drink because they become less thirsty than young people. The consequence can be circulatory problems. So, remember to drink, for example by always having a bottle of mineral water in sight. In order not to put additional strain on the body, you should use lukewarm drinks instead of ice-cold drinks.

Sport in summer? Yes, but don't forget to drink!

Truth about drinking water. If you do exercise on hot days, you should take special care to drink enough fluids. Experts recommend drinking half a litre of non-carbonated mineral water or a juice spritzer 45 to 30 minutes before starting your workout. During training, a strong sip from the water bottle is mandatory at regular intervals. Incidentally, the same applies to sports in summer: When you're thirsty, it's already too late!

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