How to change your Prestige Water Filter

How to replace your Prestige Water Filter and Cleaning the Float Valve

Prestige Water Filter Bottle

It is very important that you remove your filter bottle from your water cooler at least every 2 to 3 months to clean the bottle and float thoroughly with water. Make sure the float is cleaned carefully to avoid water leaks. We recommend that you mark this on your calendar at the beginning of each month to allow cleaning the float valve to become a habit.

How to clean you float valve.....

  1. When the water is fairly low in the bottle lift the bottle up. Gently push the float valve up towards the bottle so that it won't drip on the floor then take the bottle over to the sink.
  2. Tip remaining water from bottle
  3. Unscrew float valve from bottle - you may need a tea towel etc as it gets slippery when wet.
  4. Rinse the filter bottle thoroughly with clean water (no soap etc)
  5. Wash the float valve including the silicon tip thoroughly in clean water (no soap etc) - a dirty silicon tip will cause the float valve to leak
  6. Screw the float valve back together and then screw onto the filter bottle (all finger tight)
  7. Place back onto the water cooler and fill as usual.
Prestige Water Filter Cartridge

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