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Why you need to change your filter

Posted by Peter on 24 November 2014

Why you will need to replace your water filter

Call Prestige Water and ask how long your filter last for

If you own a water filtration system you need to change the filter regularly. Why? How important is drinking water? Every water filtration filter cartridge will remove chemicals from your tap water. Most filters are designed to filter a certain amount of water. Than it is time to change your filter cartridge. If the filter is not changed it will not remove the chemicals from your tap water anymore and you will start drinking tap water again.

We all know that our body is made out of approx. 70% water. Therefore drinking a good quality water is important. Tap Water vs Filtered Water.

Get your filter changed before summer. See for prices here: Prices Water Coolers and Filters


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Why is Filtered Water so Important?