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Posted by Peter on 11 June 2020

Drinking water quality in Sydney: the best filtered tap water in the world?

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The drinking water quality in Sydney is perfectly fine. But what about all those substances - from toxic pesticides to industrial discharges and drug residues - that threaten the drinking water supply? Does Sydney really have the best tap water in the world? Filter your tap water with a water cooler Sydney from Prestige Water.

What is good drinking water quality?

First the main question: what is a good drinking water quality? And who determines that? In Australia, all quality requirements for tap water are laid down in the Drinking Water Act and the Drinking Water Decree. This contains, for example, standards about the permitted concentration of certain substances in drinking water, such as nitrate, copper and lead. But it also states how often drinking water should be checked.

Strict regulations

In few countries, standards and controls are as strict as in the Australia. In addition, all ten drinking water companies often have stricter threshold values themselves to ensure that they remain well within these legal requirements. Tap water is therefore more strictly controlled. It must meet hundreds of requirements, many times more than, for example, bottled water.

The best tap water in the world?

Great tasting water from your water cooler Sydney. Do these strict rules ensure that Sydney has the "best tap water in the world"? In any case, a comparative study in the leading scientific journal Science shows that drinking water quality is much better than in Great Britain and the United States. According to the researchers, this is mainly because we have maintained our distribution network (the drinking water pipes) much better compared to those two countries.

No pollution in pipes

Those pipes hardly show any leaks, so that little water leaks out. More importantly, harmful substances and pathogenic bacteria and viruses do not get the chance to get into the purified drinking water through those leaks. And because all bacteria and viruses are already rendered harmless during water purification, for example with UV light or ozone, there is no need to add a disinfectant such as chlorine.

Unique in the world: tap water with a little chlorine taste. Drink healthy water from your water cooler Sydney.

Chlorine in drinking water

"In some countries, you often smell that immediately" and that is not only unfavorable for the taste. At those high concentrations, chlorine can initiate all kinds of reactions, causing harmful substances in the water. That does not benefit drinking water quality. "

This is not at all the case in Australia, I have been doing this work for over thirty years and I have to say that we are really doing well in the Australia. We have ten highly professional drinking water companies that work well together to ensure high-quality drinking water. In Germany, for example, there are many small drinking water companies. The knowledge is fragmented. We have a real consultation culture. And nature also lends a hand. We have no mountain ranges or granite layers in the ground that make it difficult to build a good infrastructure.

Standards and guidelines

In Australia, no chemicals such as fluoride are added to the water either. Strict standards and guidelines have been drawn up for other potentially harmful substances, which every drinking water company must adhere to.

Locally produced

Everywhere in Australia, drinking water from the tap meets strict requirements, but it is not exactly the same everywhere in terms of composition. For example, there are small differences in the mineral ratio and the hardness of water. This is because drinking water is locally produced and distributed by the ten drinking water companies.

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