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Water Coolers Perth

Posted by Peter on 11 June 2020

Healthy Drinking Water Coolers Perth with Minerals

Drinking tap water abroad? Is that possible?

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PRICE Floor Standing Water Cooler Perth

In Perth, the tap water is easy to drink without getting sick. Unfortunately, the drinking water of tap water is not so well everywhere. Especially during your holiday, it is important to know whether the tap water is drinkable or not in the destination country. Please note if you ask the locals, they may have built up a resistance to certain bacteria or substances in the tap water that we cannot tolerate. So if they can drink the tap water, it doesn't automatically mean that we can too!

It is useful to know whether you can drink the tap water during your holiday. That is why we have included all countries and the known status of drinking water in a clear table below. In addition, we have added the translation of the word "tap water" so that you know what to look out for during your holiday.

Tap water, bottled water or mineral water or filtered water from a water cooler Perth?

Mineral water from a bottle In most cases it is smarter and safer to buy bottled water. Even if the tap water is drinkable, there is often a taste that we are not used to and water or mineral water from a bottle is often a lot better. Especially in warm countries, it is useful that you can put a bottle of water in the fridge and therefore always have a fresh glass of water with you when you start to get thirsty. In addition, bottled water is not expensive at all in most countries. You usually only pay a few cents for a bottle of water.

How can you make tap water drinkable?

Do you not have the option to buy bottled water? For example, are you very far from the center or is there nothing open? Don't worry, there are several ways to make plain tap water drinkable. Most have some feet in the ground, but then you have clean drinking water. Great tasting water from your water cooler Perth.

Boil tap water

It is smart to boil the tap water first. Most bacteria die above 70 degrees. To be on the safe side, it is recommended to boil the water for a few minutes before cooling it down for drinking. If the water is really dirty or discolored, it is advisable to filter the water first. It is recommended to boil a larger amount of tap water at one time and then cool them in bottles in the refrigerator. Of course, you can also make nice tea or coffee.
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