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Water Coolers Canberra

Posted by Peter on 17 June 2020

Drink from your water cooler Canberra

Water Coolers Canberra

We drink 1.5 liters of water a day. That's 7 glasses. Does that seem like a lot? Find out here how you can drink more during the meeting, how to approach it sustainably and what to do if you don't feel like drinking plain water.

Drink more water, that's how you do it!

  • Use large glasses and you will automatically drink more.
  • Drink only water between meals if you meet all day.
  • Pimp your (sparkling) water with vegetables, fruit or herbs. Think of nice combinations such as:
  • Strawberries, blueberries and a sprig of basil
  • Orange, a cinnamon stick and ginger pieces
  • Cucumber, lime and a sprig of mint
  • Blueberries with lavender
  • Grapefruit, such as grapefruit, and rosemary
  • Orange, blueberries and a sprig of mint
  • Do you and your colleagues want to know if you drink enough from your water cooler Canberra?
  • Do you want to help your employees drink more water? Send them this flyer with tips!

Prefer something else?

  • Choose green or herbal teas. It is best to avoid black tea as much as possible.
  • An occasional cup of coffee is allowed. With a little semi-skimmed milk, and without sugar. Occasionally? That is a maximum of 3 to 4 cups per day.
  • It is best not to drink a glass of fruit juice, even freshly squeezed, every day.
  • Diet soft drinks can occasionally, but limit them. They are acidic and therefore bad for the teeth. Moreover, they maintain your urge for sweetness.
  • Do not offer soft drinks or sports drinks.

Drink sustainably

Always offer water at a meeting.
Choose filtered tap water instead of bottled water. Tasty, healthy and environmentally friendly. Tap water is one of the most and most strictly controlled products! Do your colleagues still need to be convinced? You can order brochures about tap water on www.prestigewater.com.au. Provider of water coolers Canberra. And also check whether sparkling water is an option.
Present water in a beautiful reusable bottle or jug. Put them at your fingertips during the meeting.
Use glass or reusable cups. Or motivate meeting participants to bring their own cup or water bottle.

Convince your employees or learn something about water? Then play the higher-lower water game.

Would you like to introduce your employees to water during meetings? Organize an action week around water, where you only serve water during meetings, whether or not pimped with herbs, vegetables or fruit. Or try a few tips around water for a week to see how everyone reacts. Find more information and prices here: Water Coolers Canberra
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