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Water Coolers Brisbane

Posted by Peter on 11 June 2020

Brisbane Water Coolers

In Brisbane, we are used to drinking from the tap everywhere, but abroad tap water can be unsafe or not taste as good. In which countries can you and where should you not drink tap water?

Benchtop Water Cooler Brisbane


Drinking water from the tap is safe throughout Brisbane. "The insecurity of twenty years ago is no longer there."

According to the website, an initiative of drinking water company Vitens, the chance of becoming sick from drinking tap water in Australian cities is very small indeed. According to the website, potential risks can arise with small water catchments where the pipeline network is less well maintained.

As a result, it is not clean in some places. Also, there is not always enough pressure on the net. As a result, the water stops and bacteria can enter the pipe network.

Drinking water with chlorine taste, filter your tap water with a water cooler Brisbane with filtration system.

To kill bacteria, the water is cleaned with chlorine in some countries. This can cause stomach and intestinal complaints. The professor considers this chance very small, because tap water in Brisbane must meet Australian standards.

This is closely monitored. Moreover, the chlorine ensures that the harmful bacteria that cause intestinal complaints are killed. Chlorine itself does not cause intestinal complaints.

"Add a few drops of lemon juice to your water and the chlorine taste will disappear."


In Brtisbane, the water may look cloudy, but that is due to excess air. That will disappear after a few minutes.
The water is of such high quality that the brewery uses it to brew beer.
The tap water in Brisbane is, according to some studies, purer than bottled mineral water. Great tasting water from a benchtop or floor standing water cooler Brisbane.

Chlorine is also added to the water. "In America you often get water with your food, but it doesn't taste good at all. Even the cola is made from chlorinated water there." When Americans come here and then do not taste chlorine in the water, they are often shocked, according to Van der Hoek. Then they think it is not good. "I don't know if they are sandwich monkey stories, but I have heard hotels intentionally add chlorine to their water to prevent this."

Tips for unsafe drinking water

  • Boil, filter or disinfect unsafe tap water before use.
  • Always check that the cap of a water bottle has not been opened before.
  • Drink soda only from bottles.
  • Do not use ice cubes.
  • Avoid fruits and vegetables that have been washed in uncooked water.
  • Also use for brushing teeth and cleaning lenses only boiled water or bottled water.

The stomach flu of unsafe water will pass by itself.

That advice does not apply to all countries in the areas. "In Singapore and Chinese cities, for example, tap water is often good, but in general it is better to buy bottled water to be on the safe side."

In the unlikely event that you do get unsafe drinking water, for example by brushing your teeth with it or by drinking ice cubes in you, you can get stomach and intestinal problems. Usually, it is harmless and you get stomach flu for a few days. That will pass by itself. If it persists, it is a more serious infection and you should consult a doctor.

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