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Water Cooler Perth with Minerals

Posted by Peter on 22 June 2020

Drinking enough water from a water cooler Perth with minerals is essential for your body to function properly.

The higher the outside temperature, the more moisture you lose and the more you have to drink! But what happens if you drink too little?

We have listed several consequences for you. Prices here: Water Coolers Perth

Water Cooler Perth with Minerals

1. Dizzy
There is a lot of oxygen in water. If you drink too little regularly, too little oxygen gets into your brain and that can cause dizziness.

2. Cystitis
Enough water ensures a good flow and a regular visit to the toilet. A good flow means that any bacteria do not accumulate in your body but leave your body quickly. Clear, right?

3. Your heart rate gets faster
Drinking too little water from the water cooler Perth with minerals makes your heart beat faster. This is because your heart is trying to keep your blood flow going. This creates a restless and rushed feeling. This is regularly a glass of water extra drink, well worth it!

4. Dry skin
Skin cells also need water to function properly. Too little water leads to a shrinkage of your skin cells and therefore drier skin.

5. Headache
This may be the result that everyone knows ... you get a headache from drinking too little water. Your brain cannot cope with dehydration. That is not surprising because the brain consists of 75% water. So headache is a signal from your brain that you have to reach for your bottle of water again. Healthy water from your own water cooler Perth with minerals.

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