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Water Cooler Melbourne with Minerals

Posted by Peter on 23 June 2020

11 Symptoms when you drink too little water from a water cooler Melbourne with minerals

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Water Cooler Melbourne with Minerals

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1. Thirst

This is the most logical symptom. If you drink too little, you get thirsty. The message we give you is then: drink a glass of water from a water cooler Melbourne with minerals so that you are thirsty. By listening to your body that way, you can avoid worsening symptoms.

2. Problems with bowel movements

Anyone who drinks too little water gets constipated. The temptation is then to reach for laxatives. This is not a good idea at first. By regularly drinking enough water or fresh fruit juice, you can remedy this symptom yourself. Only if your complaints persist, it is advisable to take medication. However, don't do this on your own. If you have been constipated for more than a few days, it is best to consult your doctor. Something else may be going on. Self-medication is not a good idea in this case.

3. Headache

If you forget to drink during a hot day, you may experience a headache. Our body consists of a large percentage of water and our brain is no different. Who drinks too little ensures that the fluid is drained from our brains. This gives us a headache and can also make us feel a bit giddy. If you know that our brains are largely made up of fluid, it is no wonder that we get these complaints when we drink too little.

4. Problems with focusing and memory

These complaints are related to what we said above about headaches from drinking too little. We need our brains to be able to focus if we want to read or study something. If this does not go well because we did not drink enough, it is clear that we urgently need to drink something from your water cooler Melbourne with minerals.

5. Dark urine

This complaint is recognizable to many people. Drinking too little will make your urine more concentrated and darker in color. You will often notice a slight odor when you go to the toilet to urinate. At the same time you will also notice that you go to the toilet less than usual. Those who drink enough will urinate about 5 times a day. If you drink too little, the result is that you also go to the toilet too little.

6. Fatigue

Our body needs both food and moisture to function optimally. Most people eat enough. You would expect that people would naturally also drink enough, but unfortunately, this is not the case. If you drink too little, you will have lower blood pressure and a lack of oxygen. This is because the transport of oxygen to the brain and other organs along the circulatory system is slower. This makes us feel tired.

7. Dry skin

We do not think about it, but the skin is also one of the human organs that are supplied with moisture by our circulatory system. When the blood circulation slows because we have not drunk enough water, the moisture can no longer reach our finest veins and capillaries. This makes our skin drier.

8. Dry throat and coughing

Those who drink too little water not only get a normal feeling of thirst but often also suffer from a dry throat. In many such cases, people have to cough without having a cold. A glass of water can then work wonders.

9. Increased heart rate

We previously explained that drinking too little water leads to lower blood pressure. This is just one of the reasons why your organs get less fluid to function. Those who drink too little will also make their blood thicker than normal. If this is the case, the heart has to pump harder to get everything around. This gives you an increased heart rate.

10. Muscle cramps

Just like the rest of our body, our muscles are 4/5 water. Anyone who drinks too little water will experience muscle complaints due to a lack of fluid. When our muscles have too little fluid, this has consequences for our cartilage, which then shrinks or becomes less. As a result, there is no more buffer between our bones and we get cramps or pain in our muscles and joints.

11. Kidney stones

While kidney stones can develop for a variety of reasons, it's clear that in some cases, drinking enough can prevent kidney stones from forming. Those who naturally have a tendency to develop kidney stones, do well to drink enough water.

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