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Water Cooler Canberra with Minerals

Posted by Peter on 3 July 2020

Drinking plenty from a water cooler Canberra with minerals to avoid muscle pain

What is muscle pain, and what can you do about it? Drinking from the water coolers Canberra

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How do you get muscle pain and how do you get rid of it? Muscle pain is actually a response to (over) muscle strain. If the load is heavy, too little oxygen is transported to the muscles. As a result, tiny cracks appear in the muscle tissue, causing lactic acid to form. Dilatation of the vessels and edema occurs, which reduces blood flow. As a result, the muscles get too little oxygen and this stimulates the nerve endings, causing the pain.

So when you follow (strength) exercises, you can get muscle pain. Muscle pain comes in three different types:

1. Pain during an effort (ie an injury)
2. Acute pain from muscle cramps
3. Muscle pain that gradually builds up the day (s) after exercise

The latter form is also referred to as "delayed" muscle pain. Depending on how hard or how intensively you have trained, it will become apparent after 12 hours and may even last for several days. Sometimes 2, sometimes 3, in the first cases sometimes longer. (if you have not trained for a long time, it can even last up to 7 days). The moment you start training, the blood flow in the muscle is so high that you actually do not notice that the muscles are "damaged". The muscle pain is, therefore, most severe after 24 to 48 hours.

The recovery process

Training is important, but recovery is even more important. Because now the real work begins. Earlier you read that intensive training can cause damage. In the recovery process, your body will "repair" these small damages in your muscles.

A thicker and stronger layer will be placed on the site of the damage. Your body does this to be better prepared next time for the load on that muscle, for example with lifting a weight. This allows your muscles to lift more weight in the long term, they have then become stronger. We also call this super compensation. Benchtop and floor standing water coolers from water cooler Canberra with Minerals.

The reason that you have muscle pain when you have not been exercising for a while is quite clear, your muscles are no longer used to it. They are not strong enough anymore and therefore need to be built up slowly.

Tips to recover faster


This point is very important, give your body what it needs to recover properly. Food and water is one of them. Eat a protein- and carbohydrate-rich meal after your workout, possibly in combination with a supplement like protein. This ensures an increased protein synthesis and thus a better muscle recovery capacity. Examples of protein-rich products are French low-fat cottage cheese, chicken fillet, tuna and steak.

Not only after training but also during the day it is important to follow a healthy diet and drink plenty of water with minerals from a water cooler Canberra.

Amino acids

You may already be familiar with this supplement and you will know that it works very well for your recovery. This is one of the reasons everyone is captivated by proteins. Amino acids are the smaller particles of a protein and aim to promote muscle growth. Besides, some studies have also shown that the essential amino acids called: isoleucine, leucine and valine contribute to a faster recovery and reduce muscle pain.

You can get these amino acids from a supplement such as BCAA or protein. It is important to choose a whey protein with a protein because it contains more BCAAs than alternative proteins such as casein, soy etc. Besides, these amino acids are of better quality.

(Sub-maximum) cardio training

There is still insufficient evidence in science, but it is often said that cardio training (low intensity) can reduce muscle pain. You stimulate the blood circulation so that waste products are removed faster and you experience a less heavy feeling in the legs shortly after the training.


Shortly after a workout, a relaxing massage is a great tool to prevent or even reduce muscle pain. Make sure that the massage is not too hard and that you are drinking enough from a water cooler Canberra with minerals, if you put too much pressure on it, it will not reduce your muscle pain and can even get worse. However, a good masseur knows how to give the right massage against muscle pain. By applying gentle pressure to the muscles, in combination with even stretching of the muscles, the muscles are stimulated to give pain inhibiting signals. Fine cracks in muscle fibers will then heal faster.

Good luck with training and recovery! Hopefully without muscle pain.
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