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Water Cooler Canberra for Office

Posted by Peter on 3 July 2020

Do you have muscle pain relief? Drinking water from a water cooler Canberra for Office? Read these tips!

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Oops you have had a tough workout or have started to practice a new sport just a little too fanatically. The consequence? A lot of muscle pain! Not surprising of course, because your body has made an active effort. What is the best thing to do to relieve your muscle pain? We are happy to give you some useful tips.

What exactly is muscle pain?

As a natural result of straining your muscles, muscle pain (also called myalgia) develops. Most of the time, pain occurs in your muscles when you rarely use them. There is then an accumulation of lactic acids and other waste products in your muscles due to an excessive or intense effort. Pain in your muscles can occur up to several hours later during exercise. However, muscle pain can also occur a day later. When muscle pain starts the next day, tiny hairline cracks appear in your muscles that cause inflammation, swelling, and extra sensitivity. These cracks do not always have to be bad for you, in the end you become stronger in your muscles!

First things first: drink water from a water cooler Canberra for the Office

A first tip is to drink plenty of water during and after your workout. This way your muscles receive more oxygen. The lactic acid dissolves in water and therefore drains your waste faster.

Stay calm

If you suffer from muscle pain, it often helps to keep moving slowly. Even if you really shouldn't think about it when you have severe pain in your legs, do it anyway! It does not have to be strenuous, such as walking or cycling at a leisurely pace. In this way, the waste products can be removed and the muscles have the opportunity to recover.

A relaxing massage can also help relieve muscle pain. Although it can sometimes feel painful during the massage, it often wants to help. A massage prevents inflammation in your muscles and removes toxins. A good (sports) physiotherapist or masseur knows how to massage the right places so that you can quickly get rid of your muscle pain. Healthy drink water made from your own tap from a water cooler Canberra for the office.

Gels and ointments

Today there are many types of gels and ointments for sale. These can have an active and analgesic effect and can relieve your muscle pain. Because of the heat sensation in the ointments, you experience less pain. A heat patch will often help to relax the painful area. Warm muscle balm is easy to use by gently rubbing a small amount on the area where muscle pain occurs. Do you suffer from stiff or stiff muscles? Ibuprofen gel keeps the joints flexible and cares for sensitive muscles after exercise.

Food = good

Did you know that there are several nutrients that affect the relief of muscle pain? Especially foods high in magnesium help with this. Legumes, seeds, nuts, green vegetables, grapefruit and apricots are high in magnesium. However, for the magnesium in the food to do its job properly, it must be balanced with calcium (found in dairy products), phosphorus (meat, egg, fish) and potassium (found in potatoes, vegetables and fruits). Protein-rich foods such as chicken, turkey, fatty fish and legumes also ensure a faster muscle recovery.

Have you recovered from your muscle pain and want to start training again? Then build it up quietly and know your own limit. Always start your workout with a warm up. By starting with simple and light exercises, your muscles are prepared for the effort. Besides, pay close attention to your breathing during exercise, this also ensures oxygen in your muscles. Continue to drink enough water from a water cooler Canberra for the office during your workout and finish with a cool down and some stretching and stretching exercises.

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