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Water Cooler Canberra for Home

Posted by Peter on 3 July 2020

Health complaints in warm weather, drink plenty from a water cooler Canberra for home

Healthy water from a water cooler Canberra for home

Water Cooler Canberra for Home

At very warm ambient temperatures, several sudden problem situations can arise. We think of dehydration, swelling due to heat (heat edema), heat cramps, heat exhaustion, heat stroke or even heat stroke. So heat can be harmful to health. Heat stroke can even be fatal. Especially at high humidity, body temperature can rise quickly, even if the ambient temperature is not extremely high.
What health problems can you get during very hot days? And what do you do best?

Symptoms or complaints


On very hot days there are several signals where our body indicates that the heat is annoying. We sleep less well, which can make us tired and irritable. Concentration problems can also arise when it is too hot and when we sleep less well. We become less alert, are listless, and sometimes we are short of breath. These are usually the first signs that we are affected by heat.

What are you doing?

Provide cooling for yourself, but also your home. Drink enough water from the water coolers Canberra and rest sufficiently.

Skin rash

The heat can cause a rash. Red clusters of itchy blisters form on the skin.

What are you doing?

Avoid the sun and provide cooling. Keep the blisters dry. You can use talcum powder to soothe the skin and dry out the blisters. Contact your doctor if the rash is excessive.


If you do not protect yourself sufficiently from the sun, you can get sunburn. This is due to the UV radiation from the sun. The skin feels sore and is red and warm. Blisters can form on the skin.

What are you doing?

Avoid the sun as long as the sunburn is present. Cool the burned skin with cold cloths or take a cool shower.
Apply moisturizing lotion (after-sun) on the burned skin. Do not open the blisters!


Heavy sweating and little drinking can lead to dehydration. You can recognize dehydration from the fact that you have a great thirst, a dry mouth and a headache. Other signs of dehydration are dark urine or no more urine, less or no tears. Skin elasticity also decreases.

What are you doing?

Provide cooling (cool place, shade, cool shower, ...). Drink enough and dress as light as possible. Get enough rest.
Contact your doctor if someone stops producing urine or if skin elasticity worsens. When in doubt with children or the elderly, be sure to consult a doctor.

Swollen limbs

Heat edema occurs in the lower extremities. This mainly occurs in obese people and / or people with high blood pressure.

What are you doing?

You can try to remedy heat edema by resting enough with your legs up and drinking enough from a water cooler Canberra for home. Discuss with your doctor whether your medication may need to be changed. Certain medications can stimulate fluid buildup.

Heat cramps

Heat cramps mainly occur with excessive sweating during heavy physical exertion. Usually, these are muscle cramps, usually at the level of the calf muscles (sometimes arms or abdomen), which disappear as soon as you rest.

What are you doing?

In heat cramps, it is best to stop your physical exertion and find a cool place. Drink water and / or sports drink. Wait for the cramps to clear before performing physical activities again.
To avoid heat cramps, energy drinks can help (especially with prolonged efforts).
Seek medical attention if the cramps last longer than 1 hour, if you have heart problems or if you are on a low-salt diet.

Heat exhaustion

Heat exhaustion occurs after a period of heat during which the body dries out. This could be the harbinger of heat stroke. Heat exhaustion has many characteristics such as dizziness, faintness, fatigue, headache. The body temperature is still normal or slightly raised. You will also need to drink plenty from your water cooler Canberra for home. The person will sweat profusely, the skin is pale and feels cold and clammy. Furthermore, nausea, vomiting and / or heat cramps can occur.

What are you doing?

In case of heat exhaustion, it is best to find a cool place. Drink water, but in small amounts at a time. Loosen your clothes and cool your body by placing wet cloths on your body or taking a cool shower.
Seek medical attention if you vomit, if the symptoms get worse or if the symptoms persist for more than 1 hour.

Solar stroke

You get a sunstroke from direct heat on an uncovered head, causing severe headaches, nausea and dizziness. You may also experience others such as fever, drowsiness and loss of consciousness.

What are you doing?

It is best to find a cool spot during a solar stroke. Drink water from a water cooler Canberra for home, cool yourself and rest well.
If in doubt, it is best to contact a doctor.

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