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Water Cooler Brisbane for Office

Posted by Peter on 18 June 2020

This happens to your body if you drink too little from a water cooler Brisbane for office

Water Cooler Brisbane for Office

We all know that it is important to get enough moisture, especially when it is warm. Because if you don't, you can get quite a few health problems.

We always look for complex solutions for ailments, while sometimes something can be easily solved. For example, drinking enough is super important. The nutrition center recommends drinking 1.5 to 2 liters every day, that is 6 to 8 glasses. Because what exactly happens to your body when you don't? The consequences of moisture deficiency can be annoying:

1. You get a headache and a bad mood

One of the first symptoms of a fluid deficiency is a headache. This is because your brain in particular cannot cope with dehydration. Your brain consists of 85% water, even more than the rest of your body, which consists of 75% water. If there is not enough water, the cerebrospinal fluid is used, which leads to a headache. A large glass of water from the water cooler Brisbane for the office is the remedy.

2. You get a dry mouth and bad breath

When your body is short of water, your mouth produces less saliva and your mouth feels dry. The antibacterial agents in your saliva keep the bacteria in your mouth in check and thus prevent bad breath.

Headaches and a bad mood are often the first signs

3. You suddenly get an inexplicable appetite for food

When your body is deficient in moisture, your brain mistakenly sends a hunger signal, when in reality you are thirsty. And then you grab faster to an unnecessary snack or unhealthy snack, while you better drink a glass of water.

4. You get constipation or a bladder infection

Water is a lubricant for the digestive system and keeps the intestines clean and supple. You have to go to the toilet four to seven times a day, if you drink enough it will happen by itself. For example, any bacteria present are flushed away when urinating and the risk of cystitis is smaller.

5. You get dry skin and lips

The skin is the largest organ of your body and therefore consumes a large part of the moisture you get inside. That is why you see it on your skin if you drink too little. Drink plenty of filtered water from a water cooler Brisbane for office. Water makes the skin elastic and shiny, and with a long-term deficiency, wrinkles and flakes are also created. If you are well hydrated, your skin will immediately jump back when you pull it and then release it.

Prolonged moisture deficiency leads to dry skin and wrinkles

6. Your heart rate becomes faster and your blood pressure lower

A fluid deficiency has a major influence on the heart and heart rhythm. When dehydrated, the plasma volume of the blood decreases, making the blood more viscous. This causes the heart to pump faster to transport enough blood and oxygen to your organs. And due to low blood pressure and lack of oxygen, you become languid and have little energy.

7. You can get dizzy and pass out

Dehydration ensures that less oxygen goes to your brain, making you feel light-headed and even pass out. Especially when you get up from a lying position, you have to watch out. When you get up, it can take a few seconds for blood to flow from your limbs to your brain. So take it easy and have a nice water cocktail. More information: Water Coolers Brisbane

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