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Water Cooler Brisbane for Home

Posted by Peter on 18 June 2020

What happens if you drink too little water from your water cooler Brisbane for Home?

Water Cooler Brisbane for Home

We all know that it is extremely important to get enough fluid in one day. But it turns out that this is not always easy. Especially when temperatures rise outside, it is essential to drink enough, because if you do not, you can get quite a few health problems. The water in our body is the means of transport of all nutrients, it ensures that it can excrete waste and it regulates the body temperature. Exactly how much fluid you need depends on age, temperature, effort, eating and health. In this article, we explain what happens if you drink too little water. Prices: Water Coolers Brisbane.

What can happen to your body if you don't drink enough? Drink more from your water cooler Brisbane for Home. We have listed the consequences for you.

Slower metabolism

In the book The Water Secret, Dr. Howard Murad states that your metabolism does not work properly if you do not drink enough water. Especially the basic metabolism (the burning of calories without moving) works much faster and better if you absorb enough water. When you are losing weight, drinking enough water is really essential. Drinking water alone will not help you lose weight faster. It only works if you combine it with good food, exercise and a healthy lifestyle.

You get a headache

The hypothalamus is a gland in the brain that indicates when you are drying out. It signals when the blood becomes less watery and makes you feel thirsty. That's why you have such a headache when you have a hangover. Because your body is dehydrated by alcohol. Your brain also needs to put in more effort when you're dehydrated. Tip! Make sure you always have a bottle of water with you. This way you immediately know how much you drink per day.


Dehydration not only has consequences for the body, but it can also put you in a bad mood, according to a study by Tuft University. Students were asked to exercise intensively for 60 to 75 minutes. One group was allowed to drink water during the training session, the rest not. The second group was more likely to feel tired, ill-tempered, tense and negative.


your skin is the perfect gauge to see if your body is hydrated enough. All anti-aging creams together cannot compete with the effect of drinking enough water on your skin. If you consistently drink too little water, your skin will not only lose its glow, but you will also develop wrinkles more quickly. Another reason to grab an extra glass of water from your own water cooler Brisbane for Home.


Your body uses water to ensure a consistent body temperature. When we overheat, we sweat. Sweat is just water you lose. We have to make sure we replenish that water if you don't replenish it, your body temperature rises. This can make you feel limp and dizzy.

Cramped muscles

When you suffer from moisture deficiency, your balance is affected. Too little fluid again lowers sodium and potassium, which in turn causes sore muscles and unexpected spastic cramps. Cramps in leg, calf, neck, foot or arm are in many cases caused by poor internal fluid balance or fluid balance.

You eat more

Various studies also state that one or two glasses of water before a meal help you feel full more quickly, which would make you eat less.

Your brain is shrinking!

This isn't actually as dramatic as it sounds, but still: Scientists have found that your brain shrinks if you drink too little. Not drinking enough water dehydrates your body and shrinks the size of your brain. Fortunately, this is a reversible process and your brain returns to normal size when you are hydrated.
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