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Tips to lose weight in your face

Posted by Peter on 11 June 2020
Tips to lose weight in your face

8 tips for losing weight in your face by drinking from your Prestige Water Cooler

Great tips here:

1) Decrease or stop using alcohol

American research has shown that people who consume a lot of alcohol have a more rounded face than people who do not. This is because of your body stores some of the harmful substances in alcohol. These substances (moisture) are mainly absorbed in your hands and your face. So if you want to lose weight in your face and thus have a tighter face, it is recommended to stop consuming alcohol, or at least reduce it considerably.

2) Avoid consuming too much salt.

When you put a lot of salt on your food or eat a lot of salty meals, you logically get a lot of salt. Salt stores moisture, so the more salt in your body, the more moisture your body stores. This moisture is also stored in your face. So if you want to lose weight in your face, it is recommended to reduce considerably with the salt. Note: Many cooking packages and microwave meals contain huge amounts of salt to make the meals more flavorful. Many people are not aware of this and still consume enormous amounts of salt in this way.

3) Water is good for your face!

If you want to have a narrow face, you should drink at least 2 liters of water a day. Water is therefore essential for the human body and if you drink less than the necessary 2 liters per day, your body will store other liquids to compensate for this deficiency. This results in a more rounded face. So if you want to lose weight in your face, you must drink at least 2 liters of water per day from your benchtop or floor standing water from Prestige Water.

4) Lose weight entirely.

It is of course very logical, but it should be mentioned. When you lose weight all over your body, you also lose weight in your face. So if you want to not only look good on your face but also have a beautiful body, make sure to eat more sports and eat healthier. How to achieve this is explained in detail in all other articles on our site. So if you just lose pounds, you will naturally get a thinner face.

5) Exercise a lot.

When you exercise, you automatically produce endorphins. This is a substance that the human body produces when exertion is made. The best thing about endorphins is that it makes you feel positive. Besides, recent research has shown that endorphins are good for the tightness of the skin on your face. That means that if you want to lose weight in your face, it is recommended to exercise a lot. Because firstly, you lose weight by exercising, and therefore also in your face. Second, the skin on your face is tightened by the endorphins you make.

6) Smile as much as possible for weight loss in your face.

When you smile, use your jaw muscles to the full. When you use your jaw muscles, fat in the area around your jaw muscles will be burned and your jaw line will become more visible, since you have well-trained jaw muscles. Spontaneous laughter is, of course, best, but even if you force a few minutes and laugh you will lose weight in your face. Moreover, it is always good to laugh.

7) Use makeup

Of course, when you use makeup to make your face look narrower, you don't lose weight. However, cleverly applied makeup can make your face appear a lot narrower. To realize the result of a smaller face, we have listed some make-up tips for you:

Highlight the eyes: By applying a lot of make-up around your eyes, you draw attention to your eyes and not the shape of your face. Dark make-up, in particular, attracts attention.

Choose a lipstick the same color as your skin: By choosing a lipstick with almost exactly the same color as your skin, your face will look very natural, which also makes your face appear narrower.

Make your lashes as long as possible: The longer your lashes are, the bigger your eyes look. When you have beautiful big eyes, your face appears better in proportion and your face looks narrower.

Apply dark blush: Make sure to apply a blush on your cheeks that is darker than your natural skin tone. This will make your cheekbones look significantly higher and make it look like it has a thinner face.

8) Chew sugarless gum

When you chew gum, you are constantly training the jaw muscles. The better the jaw muscles, the more beautiful your face. You burn fat in your face and you get a nicer jawline. The nice thing about this exercise is that it is very simple and you hardly realize that you are doing it. It is important that you choose sugar-free chewing gum because if you chew regular chewing gum for a few hours every day, this will not benefit your teeth.
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