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Refrigerated Water Cooler Perth

Posted by Peter on 23 June 2020

Moisture balance. What is "fluid balance"? Refrigerated Water Cooler Perth

Refrigerated Water Cooler Perth

With the fluid balance is meant: the amount of fluid that the body needs to properly fulfil the necessary processes and the amount of water that the body receives. More information, dimentions and pricing: Water Coolers Perth
When this is not in balance, when there are differences between supply and demand, the body will take measures. With too much supply, for example, this will lead to extra frequent urination or fluid accumulation, with too little supply, the body will no longer or insufficiently perform certain functions.

The amount of water the body needs from a refrigerated water cooler Perth is related to the function of water in regulating body temperature.
The normal temperature for people is 37 degrees Celsius. The body processes are (also) aimed at keeping that temperature as constant as possible.

The "thermostat" in the brain responds to temperature fluctuations and ensures that regulatory actions are taken when fluctuations in temperature occur. Examples include sweating when the body gets too hot and chattering teeth when the body gets too cold. Under normal circumstances, the body is able to take care of things: blood vessels of the skin are opened up more or less, less important organs are temporarily supplied with less blood. As long as the fluctuations aren't too extreme or the exposures to higher or lower temperatures aren't too long, that incredibly smart body can handle it very well. In the processes of not allowing the body to become too hot, extra water is often required. Logically, perspiration requires extra moisture. The body sends signals when needs arise. For example, feeling thirsty or feeling very weak.

Problems only arise when signals are ignored.

Obviously, a disturbed fluid balance, especially with too little moisture, is cause for concern. The body is "forced" to perform functions less well or not at all. And that usually has negative consequences, because the body is a very ingenious mechanism.

Water from a refrigerated water cooler Perth - why do you need it?

Water is the main component of the human body, depending on the muscle mass. In men, this is about 60% of the weight, in women 55%. This depends on the muscle mass because muscles contain 3x as much moisture as fat. This water is in various organs and in the blood and is actually our most important food, although this is rarely experienced.

However, water plays a vital role in our bodily functions.

Moisture is needed:

for purifying the body (blood purification by the kidneys, water is used from the body in this process) and the removal of waste products (via the urine)
for heat regulation (cooling),
to allow the blood to maintain the required fluidity so that the circulation remains intact,
as a means of transport for nutrients, oxygen, hormones, vitamins, minerals, glucose, amino acids, etc. This is all transported to the tissues and cells via the blood and lymphatic systems,
to ensure that the metabolic processes run smoothly: water in the saliva and water in the stomach and intestines cause mixing and digestion,
because water has a protective function against shocks, for example for the brain, eyes and spinal cord,
because water functions as a lubricant in joints, muscles and connective tissue,
because water functions as a conductor for ringing in the ears,
because water has a dissolving power, allowing reactions of living cells to function properly and allowing the supply and removal of products from and into the cell.

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