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Refillable Water Cooler Melbourne

Posted by Peter on 25 June 2020

Suddenly a dry mouth? Drink plenty from your refillable water cooler Melbourne.

Healthy drink water from your own refillable water cooler in Melbourne.

Refillable Water Cooler Melbourne

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A dry mouth? Suddenly a tongue that sticks to your palate early in the morning when you wake up? And despite enough drinking, does it happen again later in the day? This is a topic that women regularly write to me about because they have questions about it. How is this and what can they do about it? Because drinking water suddenly doesn't help anymore. That's why I decided to find out the possible causes. Of course, I have some good tips for you.

If you have a dry mouth, this means that you have too little saliva or that your saliva ratio is not quite right. You have two types of saliva in your mouth:

Saliva from your mouth glands; this is thick and sticky saliva.

You always have the saliva from your mouth glands in your mouth. This saliva prevents your tongue from sticking to your palate, it makes talking easier and ensures healthy bacteria and fungus in your mouth. The saliva from your ear salivary gland is watery. This is the saliva we mean by the phrase, "my mouth is watering" when you smell warm apple pie.

Your digestion starts in your mouth

You create this last form of saliva when you eat and / or drink or smell good food. Thanks to this saliva, you can swallow your food better. It also helps your digestion, because this saliva contains the enzyme "amylase". This enzyme mainly digests carbohydrates in your diet, for example from bread or pasta, but also from vegetables. That is why good chewing is so important for a good start of the digestion of your food.

Normally you produce about a liter of saliva in your mouth every day. If this is less for you, you may experience dry mouth. This complaint mainly occurs when getting up. This is because our saliva production is shut down at night. We all have dry mouths sometimes, but what could be the matter if this suddenly worsens considerably for you?

What are possible causes?

Drinking too little in general, drink plenty from a refillable water cooler Melbourne

First of all, a dry mouth in the morning can, of course, be a sign that you didn't drink enough the day before. And I mean water or (herbal) tea or something similar. Or even a few cups of (decaf or not) coffee, because the most recent studies show that this does not disturb the 24-hour moisture balance, as was previously thought. In any case, no alcohol or sweet drinks, because they are more likely to lead to dehydration. So if you are quite addicted to sweets, you need more moisture. Do you often suffer from a dry mouth and do you just drink enough water in a day, 1.5 to 2.5 liters and more if you lose extra moisture due to sports or warm weather? Then there may be something else going on.

You are getting older and / or are in transition

Many menopausal women suffer from dry mouth for a period of time. Due to the fluctuations in the production of the hormone estrogen, which among other things ensures a good mucous membrane function, it is possible that your salivary glands produce too little saliva for a while. You notice this especially when you get up. What I hear from women, and what I have also experienced myself, is that this is temporary and will automatically pass over time. So good news! Incidentally, a dry mouth does not mean that you are in transition, there may also be something else going on. But being in transition can mean that you are more sensitive to it. Healthy water from a refillable water cooler Melbourne.

Sleeping unnoticed with an open mouth, do you like to sleep on your back?

There are many minerals in the refillable water cooler Melbourne. A dry mouth in the morning can also be caused by sleeping unnoticed with an open mouth at night. This happens more often when you sleep on your back. By weakening your jaw muscles it can happen that your lower jaw drops slightly and you start breathing through your mouth. This naturally gives a dry mouth in the morning. If you sleep on your side this will happen less easily.

The use of medicines (bought at a gas station?)

Suddenly suffering from a dry mouth? Have you started taking medicines? Medicines can cause a dry mouth as a side effect. Certainly if you use multiple medications, your salivary glands are more likely to be inhibited. Remember that not all medications need to be prescribed by doctors anymore. Some medications such as antacids or painkillers are sold at the checkout of supermarkets and gas stations. This is not to say that they are drugs without side effects. They can certainly have them. Read the package leaflet and decide if you really need them.
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