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Posted by Peter on 3 July 2020

Headache after exercise, drink more from your refillable water cooler Canberra

Refillable water cooler Canberra from Prestige Water

Refillable Water Cooler CanberraWater Coolers Canberra

Many athletes experience headaches after exercise. There is often a good explanation for this. Drink too little, eaten too little or gone too deep. Sometimes it concerns an incorrect adjustment of the bicycle, causing an overload of the neck muscles. Drink plenty from your refillable water cooler Canberra. Some athletes have already tried everything, drink as much as they can, the bike has been adjusted by an expert, the neck has been treated by a manual therapist. But they still get a headache after exercise. These athletes often have Primary Effort


This form of headache is harmless, but it can spoil the pleasure of the athlete. The mechanism behind this headache is unknown. One of many theories is that the increases in pressure in the abdominal and chest cavities caused by faster and deeper breathing during exertion eventually also cause higher pressures in the veins in the brain through the heart. The protective mechanism of the brain, which must absorb these pressure increases in these veins, may not work as well in people with exercise headaches.


Try drinking a little more from a refillable water cooler Canberra. The headache develops during or a few hours after exercise and usually disappears within 24 hours. The headache is not limited to one side of the head and is pounding in nature. There are no other symptoms such as flashes of light, vomiting, etc. Avoiding exercise can prevent a headache. Well-known triggers are sports during warm weather and sports at height. This headache can also be associated with a headache after coughing and sex. For my research nearly four thousand participants completed the headache survey. This showed that 45 percent did (or had) headaches after exertion and 44 percent of them even at least once a month. The study also found that many people stop exercising because of a headache. So the problem is bigger than people always thought.


Should Athletes with Primary Exercise Headache Stop? Some athletes find that they have fewer problems with cycling, for example than with a sport with a lot of shock load, such as running. So changing sports can be a solution. Others notice that there are no complaints if they stay below a certain heartbeat. An exercise test to determine the training zones can then help. The athlete who absolutely wants to continue with his or her own sport can try medication. There is a drug that, when taken before exercise, can often prevent the headache. Drinking more from a refillable water cooler Canberra can help. Unfortunately, this type of headache and its treatment is unknown to many doctors. As a result, many people stop their sport when this may not be necessary.

Secondary Effort Headache

Rarely, headaches during and after exercise can be a sign of a serious problem in the head (such as a tumor or a vascular defect) or even a heart condition. Therefore, it is imperative that anyone who has frequent headaches during or after exercise visit a doctor to rule out serious causes. Especially athletes whose headaches first appear at a later age (over forty years), who do not disappear within 24 hours and who have other complaints of the nervous system, should be checked.

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