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Refillable Water Cooler Adelaide

Posted by Peter on 3 July 2020

Drinking from your refillable water cooler Adelaide and prevent muscle pain

Healthy water made from your own tap from your very own refillable water cooler Adelaide

Refillable Water Cooler Adelaide

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Muscular pain after sport ends due to overload. Small cracks have formed in the muscle cells. Muscle pain is often worst after two days. This is because after a day or two the muscles are inflamed and swollen. This reaction is necessary to accelerate the recovery process: heat, more blood and moisture promote recovery.

Prevention of muscle pain

A Warm-up is needed to limit muscle pain. By performing a warm-up, the muscles are better perfused, smoother and lengthened. This will make the supply of oxygen, fuel and the removal of waste materials more efficient.
By doing a Cooling Down after running, the waste materials are better removed. Make sure you drink plenty from a refillable water cooler Adelaide.
Also important is a gradual build-up of your running schedule. Learn to listen to your body. And do something with the signals that your body gives.
Do not do intensive training if you have not yet recovered sufficiently. In that case, it is better to do a recovery training or skip the training. So learn to listen to your body. And do something with the signals that your body gives.
Poor walking technique is more stressful for certain muscles. Therefore, do regular walking technique, muscle strengthening and stretching exercises.

Accelerate recovery

To begin with, muscle pain is also necessary to make progress. After recovery, the muscles become stronger than before the effort. The body has produced more muscle tissue. To make the result of the Super Compensation as optimal as possible, it is best to start training when you have fully recovered. When you start training when you have recovered badly, your muscle tissue will break down. In that case, it is much better to do a recovery workout. This training accelerates recovery, so you can start planning a constructive workout earlier.
The better you are trained, the less the muscle pain will be after a strong training or competition. This is another good reason for novice runners to take it easy in the first few months. When you are in better shape you walk a bit faster ... and with less muscle pain afterwards. See also tips: Drink plenty from the water coolers Adelaide
A sauna visit promotes recovery. The heat improves circulation and thus the removal of waste and the supply of building materials.
Stretching exercises and massage as part of the Cooling-Down?
Opinions are divided on this question. Opponents believe that stretching and massage are not good for the recovery process because the muscles are further broken. Proponents assume that by stretching the muscles are brought back to length and massage better removes waste products. Our advice is, therefore: light and short stretching and possibly a relaxing sports massage.
If the muscle pain is so bad that you cannot run after three days, it is best to take a quiet walk, cycle or swim. These activities improve blood circulation. Active rest is much better for recovery than no exercise.


Not only muscle pain is a sign that you have not yet recovered enough, also exhaustion of energy supplies (glycogen and carbohydrates) and fluid loss has a lot of influence on your performance. During competitions you can supplement this, to limit the loss. Your body can process about 1 liter of (isotonic) drink and 60 grams of carbohydrates per hour. There is no point in using more.
The first hours after strenuous exercise is the most important phase in the replenishment of energy supplies (especially carbohydrates) and fluid balance. Every hour that the supplement takes longer to arrive may mean that the recovery takes a day longer. Try to consume about 45 grams of easily digestible and easily absorbed carbohydrates per half hour afterwards. You can think of: pasta, rice, potatoes, bananas, bread, sugar, sweet spreads and carbohydrate supplements. Try to drink a quarter liter every 15 minutes. Normally, the energy supply is restored within 48 hours. Also, keep in mind that if you are not hungry your body will not get enough. Therefore, take something extra during the day / evening.

When you combine certain protein (rich) products, a high protein value can be achieved.
  • Combinations to get a high protein value
  • Drink from your refillable water cooler Adelaide.
  • Egg together with wheat (bread).
  • Potatoes and milk.
  • Egg and milk.
  • Corn and milk.
  • Wheat (bread) with legumes (white and brown beans, capuchins).
  • Rice with legumes (white and brown beans, capuchins).
  • Milk product (milk, yogurt, cheese) together with wheat (bread).
  • Egg with legumes.
  • Lots of vegetables along with wheat bread.
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