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Only $ 490 for the Floor Standing Water Cooler

Posted by Peter on 10 June 2014
Only $ 490 for the Floor Standing Water Cooler

If you consider a water cooler with FREE drinking water, please see here how:

The Floor Standing Water Cooler from Prestige Water comes with a 7-stage filtration bottle.

You will have UNLIMITED drinking water FREE from your own tap. Just put your own tap water in the top compartment of the filtration bottle and the 7-stage filter cartridge will remove the nasty chemicals from your water and also some very important minerals are added back to the water. You can refill this bottle as often as you like. So, why drink tap water with all the chemicals in it, if you can convert your tap water into great tasting mineral water yourself without having to pay for it. Our Floor Standing water coolers are perfect for small business or for home. All our water coolers comes with the filtration bottle. We have following models. Please click on the link to find our about the prices:

With the Prestige Water Coolers you never have to pay for your drinking water and never pay rent on your water cooler. You own the water cooler. A complete system already from $ 390.--

If you like to find out more about our products please click here: More Info. If you like to send us an email: email Water Coolers



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